Friday, May 6, 2011

Top Chef Masters Tells George Mendes to Go Because His Fast Food Was Not Good

Top Chef Masters is seeming sort of ridiculous. I don't think George Mendes was all that displeased to be released from what he'd gotten himself into.

To me it would seem far more interesting if we got to see these chef masters doing what they do best. As in cook to their best ability in a real master chef level kitchen.

Instead we get to see them thrown curveballs. Like this week, before they go to Whole Foods, all they are told is whatever they make has to be able to be eaten without utensils.

Then they get brought to a fast food joint I'd never heard of before to learn, to the chef's horror, that they are turning their ingredients into fast food to be served to diners and via the drive-thru.

First one team of 4 did the cooking while the other 4 took the orders. And then they reversed.

The insufferable James Oseland showed up with his very young protege, who's name I don't care to remember, were the first to order everything on the menu from inside the fast food joint. Curtis Stone and his girl friend, Danyelle, showed up at the drive-thru to order everything.

The chef masters had a terrible time trying to cook under the bizarre circumstances. There was a lot of upset spewing around the restaurant.

I find the Canadian uni-brow chef, Hugh Acheson, very annoying.

In the end, George packed his knives and left, while Mary Sue won due to her fast food fritters.

Next week Gail Simmons is a guest judge. I hope that means we are rid of Oseland's intern protege.

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