Friday, September 10, 2010

Jessica Simpson Guest Judge on Project Runway Finale

I like Jessica Simpson. I find her amusingly ditzy. But I did not know she was a fashion icon. But she must be. Because Jessica Simpson is the Guest Judge on the finale of Season 8 of Project Runway on Lifetime.

The Project Runway finale was filmed this week during New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center.

Jessica Simpson joined Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia judging 10 designer's collections as they came down the runway.


Yes, 10. Seven designers who got cut came back as decoys, so as not to reveal who the final 3 are.

Now, Jessica Simpson as a judge? I remember on her show with her ex on MTV, Jessica and her mom went shopping for clothes in New York City. Every other word out of Jessica's mouth was "cute."

It seems like it'd goof up the proceedings to have Jessica Simpson being one of 4 inputting her opinion as to who's designs are best.

But, it should be entertaining. I'm betting Jessica will use the "cute" word at least once.

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