Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bachelor Pad: David & Natalie Win While Melissa Rycroft is the One on the Show Impregnated

The guy on the left looking all bug-eyed and goofy is David Good. The girl on the right looking all bug-eyed and goofy is Natalie Getz.

David and Natalie won, if you can call it that, Bachelor Pad. Towards the end Dave said it was all surreal.

I could agree with that.

Most surreal part for me was the 3 remaining couples learning a ballroom dance, taught by 3 Dancing with the Stars professionals. This had David doing a lot of dancing with Louis Van Amstel

After the couples learned their dance, they performed in front of a panel of three esteemed ballroom dancing experts. Jake Pavelka, Trista Rehn Sutter and, if I am remembering right, Melissa Rycroft. Who we later learned, at the start of the supposed live hour, is the Bachelor Pad person who got impregnated during the course of the show.

Why would they put the thoroughly disgraced Jake Pavelka on this judging panel. He did manage to be amusing with his pompous critiquing, like he is Mr. Dance Expert.

Anyway, Kiptyn and Tenley won the coveted Disco Ball Trophy and the right to decide who they wanted to compete against in the finals.

They chose to send Jesse Kovacs and Elizabeth Kitt home. In separate limousines.

The second hour was the supposed live return of the evicted Bachelor Pad residents, returned so they could sit in judgement of the final 2 couples. I've never seen anything "LIVE" on TV that did not constantly tell you it was "LIVE", as in having "LIVE" somewhere on the screen.

When we went "LIVE", first the two hosts, Chris Harrison and Melissa and her Baby Hump, caught up with some of the evictees. Kovacs and Elizabeth de-boinked post Pad. Elizabeth seemed a tad bitter. Kovacs seemed a bit relieved. Gia has now dumped her boyfriend and new boyfriend, Wes, is currently valuing Gia at $1 million. Tenley and Kiptyn are now officially boy friend/girl friend, according to Tenley. And Dave and Natalie are long distant friends, discussing if they want to progress their relationship to the next level, which must be beyond the Fantasy Suite, because they've already done that level.

Then the evictees got to ask questions of the final pairs. It was actually sort of amusing. In many ways better than when the Survivor jury asks questions of the final Survivors. Gwen got to make Dave squirm due to informing him that she'd overheard him telling others what a sad, pathetic thing it is that an elderly lady, like Gwen, would be on such a show to find love. Gwen said she was on it for the money. Juan objected to Gwen's age being characterized as elderly, since he is only 3 years younger than Gwen.

Then the 4 got to plead their case to the jury. Dave and Natalie up first. They were not too annoying. Natalie was funny. Kiptyn and Tenley were very beauty pageant-like. We learned Tenley lost her house and dragged her parents down with her. The money would help her fix everything. With enough left over for fun. Kiptyn did not want to come on the show til he realized the charitable type good he could do with that fortune of $250 million. I mean thousand.

Then the evictees voted on who should win. 15 voting, 8 votes needed to win. Dave and Natalie got 8 votes. Which means they won.

But, we still have 15 minutes to go. Now we have to decide which of the pair gets the money. Dave and Natalie are led to separate rooms to decide whether they want to share the money or keep it all for themselves. If both choose "share" they share. If one chooses "keep" and the other chooses "share" the one who chose "keep" keeps all the money. If both chose "keep" then the fortune gets split among the 15 evictees and Dave and Natalie get nothing.

Dave and Natalie agonize over their choices, while the evictees speculate that Natalie is always out for herself and will likely choose to "keep" the money. The pair are led back on stage by some sort of security guy.

Dave reveals he wants to share. Natalie looks pained. She asks if she can say something. Harrison says "NO." Harrison then repeats what he's already repeated and then asks Natalie if she has anything to say. Natalie then proceeds to act as if she is rationalizing why she chose "keep", but then pulls out "share" with Dave looking very relieved.

It seemed very staged to me.

The ratings ended up being good for this bit of BAD TV. Are they going to bring back this train wreck next summer?

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