Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Season 8 of Hell's Kitchen Started Tonight Without Jean-Phillipe

I was surprised to see Hell's Kitchen on the list of recordings tonight when I warmed up my DVR to watch Survivor.

Didn't Holli win Hell's Kitchen something like 2 weeks ago? And it's back on again, already?

I don't mind. I like Hell's Kitchen.

I like the new opening, with Chef Gordon Ramsay being a tied down Gulliver, with the chef's being Lilliputians torturing him.

It's hard to remember names when a Reality TV Show starts up and there are so many characters.

But one really stuck out in the 2 episodes tonight. Raj. I'm sure he's being kept around for comic fodder, because it's fairly obvious he can't cook. And that he is mentally disturbed.

In the first episode the chefs had to make Ramsay their signature dish. One of the women's was so awful it made Ramsay gag. Then he had everyone else taste it. Everyone gagged. Said it tasted like mud. Her dish was a gumbo.

The gumbo cooker was not the first sent home. Instead she collapsed early on in the first dinner service. Or before. It's so hard to remember. Anyway, an ambulance took her away and off the show.

Both the women and men failed the first dinner service. It was a woman with multi-colored hair who got told to leave. The next night the women did real well, the men failed miserably. The boys put up Raj and this Russian guy, let's call him Boris. Ramsay then added this Italian New Yorker guy. But then did not send any of those 3 home, instead he sent home a good ol' southern boy who could not make sushi.

It looks like this is going to be one wild season of Hell's Kitchen. But you can never trust the previews.

I forgot to ask, what happened to Jean-Phillipe? Why is he not on Season 8 of Hell's Kitchen?

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