Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Flipping Out: Zoila Gets a Car

Last week's previews for this week's Flipping Out led me to believe that Jeff's constant criticizing of Zoila had her break down in tears.

We did see Jeff being way too picky about Zoila's housekeeping in Jeff's immaculately kept house.

But, the tears came when Jeff told Zoila that she could now have Sunday's off, that she no longer had to go clean his grandma's house on Sundays.

Near as I could tell Zoila's tears were due to feeling guilty about wanting that day off, but after so many years of Sunday's at Jeff's grandma's, Zoila had developed a relationship with the grandma. I think.

This episode, in addition to Zoila's tears on two occasions, I'll get to the second tearful Zoila occasion later, but, in addition to Zoila's tears, we were treated to scenes of a painter named Jesse being gaga over gag-worthy Sarah. And other workers enjoying staring at Sarah's plus-sized, ultra-round, rumpus area, which Sarah seemed to be wiggling on purpose. It was all very unpleasant.

So, back to Zoila. Jeff tells Zoila he is talking her on a field trip. Jeff tries to make Zoila think this will be on a plane. Instead Jeff drives Zoila to a car dealer where he presents her with her very own new car, wrapped in ribbons. As Zoila sat behind the wheel Zoila had her second tearful moment of the episode.

We did not visit Casa Vegas on this episode. We did visit the barber shop salons that are taking 3 years to re-do. Chaz? Is that the name? All the fussing over preserving one mural was sort of amusing, particularly when some random guy spray painted an X on it, which had Jeff giggling and Chaz horrified.

We heard a trace from Trace this episode. He opined that the Jeff/Zoila relationship was disturbing, like Norman Bates in Psycho type disturbing. I did not think the analogy was all that apt. It's more like Jeff & Zoila are a very odd version of The Odd Couple.

If the previews are to be believed, next week it is back to Casa Vega where that inept contractor finally gets axed. I'd be nervous axing that guy if I were Jeff. The Russian Mafia likely has a bureau in Los Angeles.

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