Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bachelor Pad Has Become A Big DUD

When I first heard of Bachelor Pad I thought it had possible potential. When I saw the first previews, I thought, even more so, that it had possible potential.

But now, by week 4. Or is it 5? The potential has not developed, instead it appears that Bachelor Pad is a big FAIL for ABC.

In this week's episode the Padders had to answer questions about their Padmates, questions like, who is the dumbest person in the house?, who will likely die an old maid?, who has the fattest butt?, who has the worst boob job?, which guy has the smallest personal joystick?, who is the biggest slut?, who is the best looking? who is the homeliest?

Well, you get the drift. It was all rather mean-spirited and really did not produce all that much amusement. There were some hurt feelings and crying. But it was all really quite boring.

But not as boring as the date survey winner, Tinley, took Kiptyn on. I am not sure, but I think Kiptyn had his way with Tinley in the Fantasy Suite. But you never know about these things. Tinley did happen to share with us that she has not let a man have his way with her since Jake broke her heart.

Last week it was implied, rather strongly, that Jesse B. had had his way with Peyton, after she invited him to spend the night in the Fantasy Suite. But this week, when Jesse B. picked Peyton do go solo with him, the evening went so poorly, with Jesse burping, drinking too much, doing weird stuff and totally turning Peyton off, that Peyton turned down the Fantasy Suite offer. In the solo confessionals it was like last week in the Fantasy Suite never happened. It was all very weird.

In the end Wes and Crissily were sent home. Is that how you spell Crissily. I don't care enough to check.

There is just no plot to Bachelor Pad, no story, no strategy. Nothing. And yet I watch. Blessings of a DVR and a FF button. I'm still not getting, nor is anyone else, how the winner is picked.

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