Thursday, September 2, 2010

Flipping Out: Lunch at Casa Vega with No Hugging, Flying or Human Coyote Repellant

There was no trace of Trace in the latest episode of Flipping Out. On the episode previous to the latest there was a lot of Trace. Trace is funny. He has this deer in the headlights, what the hell am I dealing with, competently calm way of dealing with the sometimes totally kooky antics of Jeff Lewis.

Like insisting Trace help contribute to the covering the property perimeter in coyote repelling urine project. Trace was appalled. So he did research and presented Jeff with the fact that human urine does not repel coyotes.

Last week I learned I share a couple traits with Jeff Lewis. And one with Trace. Both Trace and Jeff have an aversion to hugging strangers, well, more precisely, strangers doing the unwanted hugging. I find the hugging thing to be annoying and agree with Trace that I don't like my personal space violated.

Jeff Lewis and I also share a fear of flying, for the same reason. We both don't mind flying. It's the people flying with you that can be the problem. Until it does not happen, I sit in dread fear that the person next to me is going to be hugely fat, or be repugnant due to some other reason.

The change in the Jeff Lewis design business is being interesting to watch. Way more clients, doing remodels, rather than flips. Watching Jeff deal with the clients is amusing. He really has learned to be a lot nicer.

I like the trips to Casa Vega, always timed for lunch. That remodel must have gone remarkably well. Jeff is constantly plugging the food. It's like an advertisement. It makes me want to eat there. Casa Vega has a good website with a good video giving you a good idea what the restaurant looks like. I assume this must be after Jeff has finished with the remodel.

Jeff helping take care of Jett's baby, Mason, was very funny. Jeff is thinking about reproducing. That also is very funny. Zoila seems to know a lot about raising a baby. Maybe Zoila could be the surrogate.


Lori said...

What about "long suffering" assistant, Jenny? I'd last about a day and a half with Jeff... I'd put onions in his burrito or spike his lip balm, for sure! LOL
Carlotta Camano

Durango TV said...

Carlotta, I'm thinking Jeff may be easier to tolerate in person and we just see the really really bad stuff. Maybe.