Friday, September 10, 2010

Project Runway: Casanova Out April Wins With Jackie O Next Week

The ratings for Project Runway jumped up last week, putting the show in the Top 15 of cable TV Shows. Apparently the ratings are up due to the buzz about the show's return to being entertaining due to the amusing episode of 2 weeks ago, the two team design a collection episode, that included an epic meltdown by Gretchen's team.

Anyway, last night's Project Runway episode was a bit boring, at least for me. They had to design resort wear. Mondo repeated several times that he had never been to a resort, that a resort for him is being in his apartment in his underwear.

After the designers designed their resort wear and bought the materials, Tim Gunn tossed them a curve. Tim drew names out of a bag, pairing designers. The person the designer was paired with made the other designer's design, and vice versa.

Mondo was paired with Michael Costello and was real whiny about it. And then quickly figured out that Michael C was not the bad guy the others had made him out to be. By the end they seemed to be best friends, wrapped in each other's arms.

Mondo was in the Bottom 3 for a swimming suit that even I could tell was really bad.

Whiny Ivy was paired with the other Michael, he being Michael D. Michael D with the extremely annoying manner of speaking. Ivy dumbed down her design because she did not think Michael D could execute it. The end product even I could tell was really bad. Ivy was in the Bottom 3. While Michael D's resort wear, sewn by Ivy, was in the Top 3.

A lot of praise was heaped on April's swimsuit dress or whatever it was. I thought it looked real tacky. But what do I know about high fashion? Michael D's Top 3 number also seemed odd to me, with the judges liking it. Both April's and Michael D's were mostly or all black.

And then the Hawaiian, Andy, well, he made a swimsuit that looked good to me. I was sure he was the winner. But instead it was April's Fredericks of Hollywood resort wear that won.

I thought they were way too harsh over Casanova's resort wear. Saying it looked like something an old lady would wear. I've seldom seen any old ladies dressed in anything that stylish. Casanova is funny. He looks like a monkey, but he's funny. I think we may see Casanova on our TV screens again. He took being out real well, well, there was that moment when he tried to hang himself, but other than that, classy exit.

As for the other boy designers, I don't understand the bad personal taste of most of them, well some of them, regarding how they dress themselves and what they do with their hair. Andy for one. Is a mohawk fashion forward? And how does Mondo get his hair to do what it does? And why all the weird shirts and shorts some of the boys wear?

Now, the girls, they all seem to have good taste in the personal taste department.

Next week, I'm not sure, but it seems like they are designing something that Jackie Kennedy Onassis would wear. That seems a tad bizarre to me.


Anonymous said...

Jackie O bizarre? What are you, like 12?

Jackie O set the gold standard for fashion for over 40 years. Jackie ranks with Chanel, Vreeland, and Lady Di as one of the most influential fashionista of this century.

But then, you probably look to Jessica Simpson for your fashion cues....

Durango TV said...

Anonymous. Are you reading challenged? In addition to having the manners of a 12 year old?

I did not say Jackie O was bizarre. I said having them design something that Jackie O would were seems a tad bizarre.

Jackie O has been dead for 16 years. April was around 6 when Jackie O died. The idea that these designers could presume to design something that Jackie O would wear seemed bizarre to me. Is that really that hard to understand?

And Jackie O did not set the fashion gold standard for over 40 years. Jackie became known to America in 1960. She became a fashion icon during JFK's short reign. Jackie O died 34 years after 1960.

You must look to Jessica Simpson for your history information.