Friday, September 3, 2010

Project Runway: Michael Costello Wins Again While Peach is Out

I thought this week's episode of Project Runway would be more entertaining that it was, what with the bitch slapping of annoying Gretchen by an annoyed Tim Gunn at the end of last week's episode.

Gretchen did some lamenting, called her mom, whined about wanting to go home, then decided to take the high road and turn her lemons into lemonade.

And then proceeded to once more be hyper-critical regarding the sewing skills of Michael Costello, who was driven to tears, the week before, by all the mean comments made by his teammates about his lack of sewing skills, that and being ignorant and lazy.

So, it was very satisfying, when after the Runway Show and after hearing the snarky comments of Gretchen about what an abomination Michael C's work was, after she and several others were told they were safe, with Gretchen sure Michael C was in the bottom, to, instead, have him win. Again.

On the bottom were Valerie Mayen, the other Michael, he being Michael D aka Michael Drummond and Peach Carr.

I forgot to mention, this week's challenge was to transform an ugly bridesmaid's dress into something fashionable. I worded that poorly. It's the dresses that were ugly, not the bridesmaids.

So, Gretchen, and some of the others, like the annoying Andy, are all just appalled that the judges do not see what a totally incompetent designer Michael C is. They keep saying he can not sew. So, how is Michael C holding those clothes he makes together if he is not sewing?

I was surprised it was Peach who got the boot. Valerie's transformed bridesmaid's dress was really embarrassing. Like something you'd find in a real trailer trashy version of a Victoria's Secret store. Michael D's was worse. He managed to make a pleasantly plump lady look even bigger and sort of ridiculous.

I wanted Michael D to get sent home so I'd not have to hear him speak anymore. Why would anyone choose to talk using such an affected, fake, stupid sounding voice? Does he not get enough testosterone?

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