Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dancing With The Stars & Booing Sarah Palin

That is Sarah Palin, and her giant man hands, moving in for a hug of her daughter Bristol, up in Wasilla, Alaska, where daughter Bristol brought her dance partner, Mark Ballas, to meet her mom, as seen, last night, on Dancing with the Stars.

Sarah verbalized being proud of Bristol's dancing and was curious as to how Bristol learned to shimmy and shake. Sarah tried to shimmy and shake, making it apparent she needed some lessons from Mark Ballas.

All the dancing seemed to go well, last night, except for Michael Bolton. Dancing is not his forte.

The most interesting part of the evening was mysterious, loud booing a bit after Jennifer Grey got her scores. The booing seemed disconnected from the scores.

Next we cut to Tom Bergeron interviewing the aforementioned Sarah Palin. I wondered if this was the source of the booing. No explanation was forthcoming on the live show for the booing.

However, this morning I learned it was Sarah Palin the audience was booing. What a shock.

Below is an interesting account of the booing from someone who was in the audience....

Having been an audience member on DWTS when Sarah Palin was there, people have been asking me if the audience was actually booing at Sarah. The answer is absolutely yes. It pretty much stopped though when the production assistants were encouraging the audience to cheer. But there's no doubt we were booing at her once it became clear that she was about to be interviewed by Tom Bergeron. While you can hear it before they pan the camera to Sarah Palin, they didn't capture her on television during the booing. Suffice to say, she was looking back at everyone in the audience rather incredulously (just up to the point where the camera focus goes to her and you see her shaking her head in disgust).

First of all, keep in mind, this is a Hollywood television production. I've never been to such an event before. It's not quite like what's seen on TV at all. Actually, much of the time you can't even hear what the hosts are even saying, since the mic is often tapped purely into the television feed and not the room speakers. It's most certainly a made-for-television show. The audience is actually a lot smaller than it seems on TV too, and a good 80% of them were booing, loud and clear.

I don't usually keep a blog, but I want to get the truth out there. There are some articles out there where a producer from ABC is reporting to have said that the booing was because the audience was disappointed about Jennifer Grey's score (I mean, all audience reaction is largely just encouragement from the production assistants anyway). Total TV production BS. Going to this kind of event was quite an experience, but in a way, it's actually increased my cynicism about Hollywood.

But thank you, ABC. Sarah Palin gets to spew her nonsense on the Internet and behind the safety of Fox News pundits on a daily basis with no real accountability, all the while pretending to be something that she's most certainly not. So I consider waiting in line all day to get in the audience to be the least I could do as my civic duty to show that fraud what most of the country really thinks of her. At least most of the audience felt that way.

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