Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Top Chef D.C.: Kevin Wins Top Chef

That is the look on Kevin's face when Padma told him he was Top Chef.

There have been spoilers on the Internet for some time now that Kevin was the winner. And a lot of people grousing about it not being right that Kevin should win, as in another bad winner, like Hosea, a few seasons back.

I don't see it that way. I do remember being appalled when Hosea was named Top Chef.

I sort of thought Angelo was going to win, after recovering, miraculously from his near death experience with some vile virus that an anti-biotic shot seemed to abate.

Kevin's sous chef was last season's Top Chef, Michael Voltaggio. Angelo's sous chef was the amazing past Top Chef, Hung. Ed got Ilan. I think that is how you spell his name. Ilan is not one of the more popular past Top Chefs. Illan turned out a lame dessert, compared to Angelo's and Kevin's. That may have been his downfall.

While Kevin's dessert was all sorts of brilliant. They are in Singapore, so Kevin invents The Singapore Sling 2010. Non-alcoholic.

I was okay with any of the 3 winning. They were all likable in their own way. Kevin has a nice back story. Has worked hard, married, kids to support. I did not realize until he said so, at the end, that he is African-American, as in the first African-American to win Top Chef. I somehow assumed Kevin was Hispanic.

Angelo and Ed were very congratulatory towards Kevin, both completely gracious.

Great season of Top Chef.


cd0103 said...

I liked all three. I thought Angelo was getting the winner's edit. I say good for Kevin. The last couple of weeks I suspected HE was getting the "only one not an owner of a restaurant" winner's edit and it came to fruition. Whatever-- good for him.

cd0103 said...

Oh and my husband was out of the room when the winner was announced and I told him "the Hispanic guy who made the dessert they liked". I did not realize he was African American either.

Durango TV said...

cd0103, reading around the Internet tonight, I see you and I were not the only ones who thought Kevin was Hispanic. Apparently he referred frequently to his Hispanic wife and the Hispanic culture's influence on his cooking, hence why we thought he was Hispanic, I guess. There also is a lot of speculation as to how many of the people who ate Angelo's food, caught his virus. And that it was Michael Voltaggio's expertise that fine-tuned Kevin's dishes for the win. Then again, Angelo had the equally talented Hung.