Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: Young Tribe Loses & Kicks Out Shannon

That is Shannon on the right. He was very bitter about getting kicked out of his tribe tonight.

Just as the previews had indicated, Jeff Probst's first question at Tribal Council did open the biggest whoop ass at the start of a Tribal Council in Survivor history.

I think before his tribe got to Tribal Council some of Shannon's tribe might have been placing there vote elsewhere, but Shannon's hot-headedness may have turned a vote or two against him, which left only, I think, 3 voting for Brenda.

That is Brenda in the middle, with Chase to the left of her. Chase had an alliance with both Brenda and Shannon, but turned on Shannon after, I think, Shannon tried to get Chase to turn on Brenda.

Survivor is such a complex, treacherous game.

Meanwhile on the Old Geezer team it turned out to be one of them who took a tribemate's shoes, filled them with sand and sent them out to sea. Last week's previews made me think this happened on the Youngster Tribe.

But it was a crazy ol' coot named Holly who went all wackydoodle from the Survivor stress. Before she took one of her fellow Geezer's shoes, Holly took away the food that Jill was eating and threw it away. Holly's breakdown grew worse as she decided she could no longer play Survivor. But then Coach Johnson had a pep talk with her and got her back in the game.

Had the Geezers not won immunity, it likely would have been Holly kicked out of the tribe.

An amusing thing, the CBS website still calls Jud by his Jud name, but on Survivor's opening credits it is now calling him Fabio. Tonight Fabio went from seeming like a dumb blonde to seeming a bit more grounded, goofy, but grounded.

In his final shot at his tribe, Shannon derided their childish immaturity and said he should have been on the Geezer team because he had been married for 11 years.

I forgot, another of Shannon's charming moments, at Tribal Council, was when he asked Sash if he was gay. That then degenerated to a catfight between Sash and Shannon over how many women have been blessed with them. Shannon seemed to turn more and more stupid the more he talked.

Very amusing Survivor tonight.

Oh, and Jill figured out where the Hidden Immunity Idol was, and then for reasons unclear to me, told Marty, which then had another Geezer involved. Eventually the trio found the idol and now have to figure out what do to with it.

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