Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis Nears Flipping Point

Last night's Tuesday, September 14 episode of Flipping Out seemed to have more than the usual amount of Jeff Lewis flipping out.

Jeff was way out of line calling Jenny a moron because she dared verbalize a positive opinion about a possible positive outcome of the door hinge debacle at Casa Vega.

Jeff did later apologize for the moron remark.

I found that Barb lady highly disturbing. I can see how she might be entertaining in a short dose, but she was just way too far over the top. I thought Jeff and Jenny handled their divorce from Barb well.

But, how bad were Barb's feelings hurt when/if she watched last night's episode?

There had not been a trace of Trace in the previous 2 episodes, but there was a trace of Trace on last night's episode. Mostly he just looked wonder-eyed at Jeff's fussing. I do not remember if he spoke.

When Jeff sort of politely, asked Sarah to quit marching like a Nazi Goosestepper on the wood floors, I totally understood why that got on his nerves. What I do not understand is why Jeff does not institute a gum chewing ban. I could not take Sarah's open mouth gum smacking.

If I were Jeff I'd also insist Sarah do something about her distracting eyebrows.

I thought Christy was rightly upset over how badly the workers were working on her Casa Vega remodel. Why does Jeff not fire these people, I sat and wondered? Is it real difficult to get competent construction workers in California? When that guy, last night, did not know to make sure the wire was dead before touching it, even after Jeff cautioned him, and then him getting shocked, well, if I were Jeff I think that would have been the you are fired moment.

The previews showed Jeff in full blown Jeff mode, criticizing everyone, telling Zoila she's lazy and pointing out her housekeeping errors to the point he drives her to tears.

The martinis seem to calm Jeff down. I think maybe he should up his dose.

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