Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Flipping Out: Zoila's Birthday in New York City

Two episodes in a row of Flipping Out with no trace of Trace. This week Jeff flew Zoila and Jenny, first class, to New York City. It was Zoila's birthday present.

Jeff was in NYC to present his plans for a kitchen for some magazine, to be constructed at Times Square or some other well known New York City location that I've already forgotten.

Jeff and Jenny's meeting with the magazine people was strange and awkward. And then got stranger when they were told they were heading to the penthouse of the incredibly futuristic Hearst Building (I remember the building, but not where the kitchen is going to be).

Jeff was a bit nervous, but then got in the Jeff zone, making a joke about the only reason they asked him to do this was because the guy who contacted him wanted to meet Zoila.

While Jeff and Jenny were doing their meetings, we cut back at times to Zoila having fun in New York City.

Or we cut back to California to watch Sarah run the projects for Jeff. I find nothing amusing or interesting about Sarah. I can't get past her strange eyebrows. Or her equally strange, very bulbous butt. Why do they have to show Sarah's bulbous butt so much?

Towards the end of the episode, or maybe it was the end, Zoila, Jeff and Jenny were in a restaurant, in a scene we've not seen much of before. As in Jeff being real nice to Zoila, making clear how much he appreciates her, asking her if she'd help raise his baby, saying he'd hire a new housekeeper and all Zoila would have to do is take care of the baby. It was all strangely touching.

Now, what has become of Trace? I suppose I could go read his blog. I hope Sarah screwed something up real bad and Jeff fires her. But, from the previews it appears Jeff screws something up real bad at Casa Vega. That should be interesting.

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