Saturday, September 18, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: Wendy Kicked Out of Geezer Tribe

That is Wendy in the cowboy hat, making her exit from Survivor, after being the first kicked out of her tribe in Survivor Nicaragua. What's the deal with the strange cemetery the bootee walks through?

I did not realize the new season of Survivor started up this week. My DVR somehow did not get the memo that Survivor had moved from Thursday to Wednesday.

I told myself I could watch it online, if I felt the need.

And then today I discovered my AT & T U-Verse DVR thing has a new feature called "Video on Demand." I've no clue how this technology works, but eventually I found my way to CBS and Survivor.

I always have trouble at the start of Survivor. Too many people, too little plot. The Geezers vs. The Babies twist was sort of good. I guess. The Geezer who got the boot, Wendy, stifled her personality, which seemed sort of fun, to me, when she finally unstifled herself, after she got evicted.

Jimmy Johnson is one of The Geezers. A lot of the other Survivors seem to know who he is. I know who he is due to living in the Dallas zone where the fact that a former coach of the Dallas Cowboys was on Survivor was news here. Apparently Jimmy Johnson coached the Dallas Cowboys long ago, when they actually won a lot of games and were in Super Bowls.

I think Jimmy Johnson is the oldest of The Geezers. He had a real rough time his first night, no clue it would be so miserable. He told his tribemates he was on Survivor for the adventure, that he knew he could not win the million, but he wanted to help one of them win. No one believed him.

When the Survivors finally met up with Jeff Probst, after some bantering, Probst told them about a new Survivor twist. The Golden Medallion of Power. Or something like that. First one to find it, had the Power. Whatever the Power was.

The girl who, I think was a cheerleader for one of Jimmy Johnson's teams, found the Power. Probst then divided the teams into The Geezers and The Babies. Then he tempted the Power Holders with a treasure chest that they could have if they gave the Power to The Geezers. They did so.

Then at the Immunity Challenge we learned that if you play your Golden Medallion of Power all it gives you is a slight advantage in the challenge. You can opt to keep the Power to use in a future challenge, which is what The Geezers decided to do. Had they used the Power, the Medallion of Power would have gone to The Babies Tribe.

The Golden Medallion of Power seems a goofy twist to me. I'm sure I'll end up liking it. But, right now it seems goofy.

The Babies with their Treasure Chest got fire, while over on The Geezers, one of The Geezers, I think her name was Jane, used her magic powers to quickly make fire. That was impressive.

Let's see, what else was notable. Well, one of The Babies lost part her lower leg due to a birth defect. Her prosthetic device seems to work well.

Another of The Babies has his teammates saying he is a Dumb Blonde. I don't remember what his name is, but they have taken to calling him Fabio.

Another odd thing. All the guys on The Babies Tribe seem to be wearing the same type boxer underwear. Not the loose baggy type, but the stretchy tight type. And for some reason the fronts of these boxer shorts must be blurred out. This type blurring always seems really perverse to me.

Next week I think it is The Babies who go to Tribal Council, due to the previews showing Jeff Probst at Tribal Council saying something like "In 21 seasons of Survivor that is the biggest whoop ass that has ever erupted from the first question at a Tribal Council."

I am guessing it has something to do with Fabio.

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