Thursday, September 23, 2010

Project Runway: Ivy Out While Mondo Wins Again

That is Ivy getting the Auf Wiedersehen, you're OUT kiss, from Heidi Klum on tonight's Project Runway. Ivy is OUT due to making a couple dresses even I could tell were terrible.

I really have not figured out why I find Project Runway entertaining. I have absolutely no interest in high or low fashion. I have absolutely no interest in sewing clothes.

I guess I find it entertaining watching people do something I know I could not do and seeing them whip out these ridiculous items of clothing. Along with drama and angst.

Some of the characters are entertaining. I have gone from really disliking Gretchen, to, well, she has sort of redeemed herself. She seems to have gotten cuter.

Most of the non-redeemable characters are now gone, like that annoying one who was OUT last week, Michael Drummond, I believe was the name. One of the worst speaking voices I've ever been tortured by.

Project Runway is not nearly as amusing without Casanova. They really should have kept him longer.

And then there is the little guy who calls himself Mondo. At first I had trouble getting past what a weirdo he seemed to be. Now he seems more interesting character than weirdo. What he wears is a character of its own. And what he does with his hair is usually strange.

Another strange thing about Mondo is, after seeing him for awhile now, he starts seeming really, well, almost normal and grounded. And quite likable, with an amusing sense of humor.

Mondo won tonight's competition to design a high end piece of couture. Whatever that means. And a ready-wear companion piece was later thrown in as a curve. Mondo won $20,000, plus got his designs in some magazines as advertorials, which I assume are advertisements that serve as editorials. But I really have no idea.

We saw Mondo at the photo shoot for the advertorial, all done up in one of his Mondo outfits. Then the photo-shoot people totally tarted Mondo up with a manly hair-do and a suit. He looked quite stylish.

Mondo said he had $14 in his bank account when he left Colorado and was now quite happy to have $20,014 in his account. All of the designers seemed quite eager to win the $20,000, with Mondo saying that was more than the $12,000 he made last year.

It was Mondo, Gretchen and the annoying Hawaiian, Andy, in the Top 3. The OUT Ivy, Valerie and Michael Costello in the Bottom 3.

Michael C made this bizarre dress that had a 50 foot, or longer, tail trailing behind it. Valerie's looked like something I could make if you left me alone with a needle and some cloth for a day. Ivy's was just tacky looking and a really bad color of blue.

In the previews, for next week, the judges are mortified at what they see come down the runway, just like they are every week on Project Runway.

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