Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On Dancing With The Stars Maks Takes a Tumble While Holding On To Kirstie Alley

After hearing what inspired Kirstie Alley's song on Monday's Dancing with the Stars, I thought, when Maks fell at the start of the dance, it was just part of the Over the Rainbow, being optimistic after being dealt a blow, theme.

But, it wasn't. Apparently Maks got a charlie horse in his thigh muscle.

Maks Chmerkovskiy  & Kirstie Alley are my favorites to watch this iteration of DWTS.

Was Kirstie a bit heavier than during practice? Is that what caused Maks to fumble? Kirstie did appear to be wearing a big wig.

The judges gave Kirstie & Maks good scores, all 7s if I remember right.

Maks seems to be fondling Kirstie even more than Mark Ballas overly fondled Bristol Palin on the last iteration of DWTS. I can see how spending hours vertical doing all that up close dancing could easily lead to some horizontal mattress dancing.

Speaking of Mark Ballas, the funniest line of the night was Chelsa Kane saying her partner was a better girl than she was.

I like the Chris Jericho professional wrestler guy I'd never heard of before.

Sugar Ray Leonard is painful to watch, as was his boxing intro.

The other ones that I fast forward past, besides Sugar Ray, are footballer, Hines Ward and Wendy Williams.

I find Kendra Wilkinson amusing. I first met Kendra, years ago, when she was shacked up next door to the Playboy Mansion, being one of Hugh Hefner's harem.

I don't believe I'd heard of Romeo before I met him on Dancing with the Stars. I don't fast forward past him, but it's a close call.

I'm on the fence with Ralph Macchio. So far no fast forwarding. But the schmaltz over the wife grew tiresome.

I'm guessing it will be either Sugar Ray or Wendy who will be out of the running for the coveted disco ball trophy tonight.

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