Friday, April 15, 2011

American Idol Results Show: Paul McDonald Sent Home While Casey Abrams Romances Haley Reinhart

The guy with the radioactive glow in the dark teeth, Paul McDonald,  got the American Idol boot on Thursday, but did not get the same shocked reaction as last week's Pia Toscano's elimination did.

Paul left the show singing "Magge May," while telling America to have a good time and "not be sad about this."

I don't recollect myself ever being sad over someone leaving American Idol.

In the bottom three, with Paul, were Stefano Langone, again, and Haley Reinhart. I don't remember if Haley has been in the bottom three before.

What I do remember is seeing rumors on the Interwebs that Haley and Casey Abrams had developed a romantic liaison.

When Ryan Seacrest put Haley in the bottom three, Casey said "I love you" to Haley. Earlier in the show Haley and Casey sang a steamy duet, a song called "Moanin." It struck me odd at the time, wondering why that pair got a duet. Usually it's those tiresome group numbers on the AI results show.

The original American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, sang "Don't You Wanna Stay?" with Jason Aldean. Ryan and Kelly exchanged quips over something to do with Ryan doing something to Kelly's Twitter Tweets regarding Kelly having a crush on Casey. I really was not understanding. A Kelly crush on Casey Abrams? Or Casey James? Casey James is a Texas boy and seems more age appropriate than Casey Abrams for a Kelly crush.

Rihanna sang a song about her "California King Bed." I hit the fast forward button.

The only other thing I remember about the latest AI results show was this week's Ford commercial. Zombies were involved. I don't care for the AI Ford commercials. And the making of the AI Ford commercial bits. But, they have an hour to fill, so filler is needed.

I'm pretty sure Ryan said what next week's American Idol theme is, but I've already forgotten.

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