Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ramona Bests Jill Zarin on Watch What Happens Live With Jill Dressed Like a Tudor House

Ramona Singer and Jill Zarin were Andy Cohen's guests on Watch What Happens Live's 100th Episode, which followed the premiere of Season 4 of the Real Housewives of New York City.

Jill was bizarrely costumed in what looked to be a design based on the Tudor style of house building.

The circles around Jill's breast zone are quite peculiar.

Jill is so cluelessly un-self aware, no matter what situation she is in, or so it seems.

Andy showed clips from the first episode that showed Jill in full bitch mode, after she said she'd learned her lesson after the bad viewer reaction to the bad Jill behavior on Season 3.

The snarky remarks Jill made about Ramona and Alex at the wedding, on the first episode, had Jill claiming she thought she was talking to the producers, that her comments were not intended for the show.

Yeah, that's how it works on a Reality TV Show when cameras are on you.

Ramona basically owned Jill on Watch What Happens Live. The poll for this episode asked viewers to vote on which team they were on, Team Ramona or Team Jill.

In the end it was 78% for Team Ramona, 22% for Team Jill.

This had Jill Zarin posting the following bizarre message on her Facebook page...

I could not believe the POLL results on WWHLs. I challenged Bravo. Last year I was killed too. remember? Guest what??? Sprint wasn't working AND they were registering texts after the 18 minute mark. Also..the results were completely wrong and they say not as big a spread but Ramona still won by small margin. This just proves what all of you have been saying. They will say sorry?

I left Jill's bad grammar and spelling unfixed. "Guest" what?

In a TV forum somewhere on the internet someone had this to say about Jill...

Completely unselfaware. I see more loathing for her on the interwebs after the first episode of this season than last season. The WWHL appearance sealed her fate. She should just hide somewhere for the rest of the season, there will be no redeeming.

On WWHL Jill had her nasty little dog, Ginger, in a kimono. Something to do with helping the people in Japan. Jill is trying to turn her nasty little dog into Giggy from the Beverly Hills Housewives.

It won't work. Ginger isn't cute. Giggy is cute. Lisa is likable, Jill is not likable.


Snarkapalooza said...

I see someone has been lurking over at Survivor Sucks.

Anonymous said...

I over heard in my office today that they I hate Jill Zarin and I dont understand why anyone would say such a thing!