Friday, April 29, 2011

American Idol's Casey Abrams Finally Eliminated For Good

It is a sad indicator of how far of my radar screen American Idol has become, that I forgot til this morning that someone got eliminated last night.

It took 2 seconds of Googling to find out that the "Judges' Save" saved Casey Abrams from elimination for, what? Two weeks? Or was it 3?

This week's American Idol performance show really amped up the stage productions. In previous iterations of American Idol, if I remember right, only the finale would see lots of backup singers.

Take Casey Abrams' performance, on Wednesday, for example. In years past Casey would have come on a bare stage, and with music accompaniment sing Carole King's "Hi De Ho" song.

On Wednesday, on the stage with him, Casey had a piano, with a  piano man playing, I don't know how many women playing trumpets, back up singers and lots of other things going on.

This morning it dawned on me that maybe GLEE has affected American Idol. What happens on the American Idol stage has definitely become more GLEE-like.

Is that a bad thing? Or a good thing? I don't know. I do know that last week when James Durbin came on to the stage, in uniform, with a march band behind him, I thought it was a bit much.

One more note before I shut up about American Idol. James Durbin has grown on me. Previously I thought Scotty McCreery was a shoo-in for the win. Now I'm thinking, unless he messes up real bad, the front runner most likely is James Durbin.

I've got last night's results show recorded on the DVR. I must remember to watch so I can see this week's Ford commercial.

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