Thursday, April 21, 2011

American Idol's Casey Abrams Ends His Song By Kissing Jennifer Lopez Causing Steven Tyler to Erupt in F-Bombing

As one week of American Idol slides into the next, it seems, for me, the more I am exposed to those remaining the less I'm finding them entertaining.

Why? I don't really know.

The fast forward button gets a heavy workout. I FF right past Jacob Lusk.

The oddest moment of the night was Casey Abrams kissing the most beautiful woman in the world, Jennifer Lopez, which had Steven Tyler let loose with a series of F-Bombing along with an irrational diatribe about Casey being so f----ing good that he was pissing off millions of Americans Huh?

The songs this week were supposed to be from this century. I really did not know any of the songs. Except I think I'd heard Scotty McCreery's "Swingin," before. But I think it was back in the previous century. Scotty was up first and for the first time he received some mild criticism from the judges.

James Durbin was over the top. Again. But everyone seemed to like it. James marched in, in uniform, with a marching band and proceeded to wail out a song called "Uprising" by Muse. I am not familiar with Muse or "Uprising."

Stefano Langone seemed to do well with a song called "Closer" by someone called Ne-Yo. Jennifer said he had his "swag going on." He is such a little guy. About a foot shorter than short Ryan Seacrest. I don't know how much real swag Stefano can actually have going on.

Lauren Alaina closed out the show with Sara Evans' "Born to Fly." Again, I did not know that song.

Apparently I am pretty much ignorant about any music that has come from this century.

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