Friday, April 8, 2011

The Premiere of Season 4 of The Real Housewives of New York City with New Housewife Cindy Barshop

I did not realize Season 4 of the Real Housewives of New York City started up on Thursday, April 7.

But, my DVR did.

The New York City Housewives are my favorite of the Bravo Housewives franchises. With Beverly Hills a close second.

The New York City girls bring the best drama, often courtesy of Kelly Bensimon. This year Kelly's intro tagline is "I'm living the American Dream one mistake at a time."

That's pretty funny. I have a terrible feeling that Kelly is going to grow on me this season and become likable.

Of course Jill Zarin has learned from her mistakes, realizing why fans started hating her, has now grown. But, bad Jill came quickly out to play in the first episode, snarking on Ramona and Alex at a wedding.

The new housewife, replacing Bethenny Frankel, is Cindy Barshop. The first episode and the previews of the season gave some indication that Cindy is going to bring some good drama.

Cindy is a baby mama of twins. She is in her 40s, with no baby daddy, acquiring the reproductions via in vitro fertilization. Of course Jill, upon meeting Cindy, felt she needed to pry into Cindy's private baby business.

I just realized, Cindy is yet one more "housewife" who is not a wife.

We went out to dinner with LuAnn's French boyfriend and Sonia and her boyfriend, I think the name was Brian. Brian is some sort of artist.

The dinner dialogue amongst the 4 seemed somehow somewhat creepy to me.

I think maybe Sonia is not going to go over quite as well as she did in her first season with the housewives.

It appeared, in the preview of the season, that Alex's new found opinionatedness wears thin on some of the housewives' nerves. Like LuAnn.

No clue yet what Alex does that has Sonia ordering her out of her house, with Alex commenting that Sonia is a thug in a cocktail dress.

Alex and Simon now work at home, in the same room. Simon quit his job managing a hotel. Alex is now a model. Which made for some unkind commenting from the other girls. Like Kelly.

At some point in this season the housewives go to the Middle East, I think to Dubai. The previews showed them on camels with one of the camels getting overly frisky. There were some scenes of Kelly acting somewhat crazy, but not to the crazy level of last season's mental breakdown.

So, I am in for the duration.

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