Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Celebrity Apprentice: Richard Hatch Fired Weeks After Shoving David Cassidy While Meatloaf Fights With Gary Busey

I'd not watched a single second of any of the previous editions of The Celebrity Apprentice. The whole Donald Trump Apprentice thing had seemed to have worn out its welcome with me.

But then I read what an amusing trainwreck mess David Cassidy was on the premiere episode of latest season of The Celebrity Apprentice.

So, I watched it on-line. And then set my DVR to record the series.

David Cassidy did not disappoint as Trainwreck TV. He's such a teeny guy. Big, mean, ol' Richard Hatch of tax evasion Survivor fame shoved little David around. Or so David thought.

On the latest episode of The Celebrity Apprentice it was the aforementioned Richard Hatch who Trump fired. Due to Hatch's inability to raise much money at a charity gallery auction type challenge. He did not have the connections the other "celebrities" had.

Gary Busey is a walking nutcase. He can be funny. But a nutcase. Donald Trump thinks Gary Busey is a genius. This makes me question Donald Trump's judgement in personnel matters.

Meatloaf is another bit of a nutcase. This week Meatloaf could take not one minute more of Gary Busey. And so Meatloaf had a ranting temper tantrum because he thought Busey took his art materials. He hadn't. Meatloaf's bag of goodies was later found, after screaming at Gary.

On the female side, we learned Dionne Warwick is a piece of work. She got fired last week.

One of the reasons I thought Celebrity Apprentice might be amusing is because NeNe Leakes of Real Housewives of Atlanta fame in one of the Celebrity Apprentices.  In the last season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Housewives, NeNe went from previously being a fan favorite to the show's villian, ala Jill Zarin's fall from favor on The Real Housewives of New York City.

So, who walks in to the women's gallery? Jill Zarin. I think she spent $5,000 on something NeNe made.

Jose Canseco left this week due to a supposed family emergency. Jose was really really lazy.

After the women beat the guy's in the amount of money raised, making almost a million bucks, Trump asked them to consider him not firing one of the men, due to Jose leaving, and due to the fact that both teams raised the most money in Apprentice history.

The women wanted a man fired. And so Hatch was.

So far, Mark McGrath seems like the most normal, sane, celebrity of the celebrity apprentices.

This show runs for 2 hours. This makes for, what seems to me, a lot of padding. Which causes me to use the FF button. Like in the Boardroom, Trump did a forensic exam of the fight between Meatloaf and Gary.

Donald Trump, J.R. seems to be a bit of an odd duck, to me. I don't quite know why.

I did not understand the part in the Boardroom, before it was announced who raised the most money, where Trump gave the teams the chance to decide that whoever was the losing team, got to keep the money they raised. So, what happened to the money they raised if both teams had not agreed to let the losing team keep what they raised?  Did the winning team then get the money? I was confused.

I don't know if I'll watch this show to its end. I'll keep watching as long as it amuses me.

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cd0103 said...

I completely forgot David Cassidy was even on this season. I must be a week behind. I just saw Dione Warwick get fired.