Monday, April 11, 2011

The Amazing Race Eliminates Ron & Christina in India

Last week it was the Mother/Son team of Margie & Luke that was eliminated from The Amazing Race. This week it was the Father/Daughter team of Ron & Christina that was eliminated.

Teams had to fly from Calcutta to Varanasi. An Indian city I'd never heard of before.

All the teams, but the Cowboys got on a Kingfisher flight arriving at 10:45am, the next day. The Cowboys booked a Jet Airways flight that got them in Varanasi an hour later.

Of course, the Cowboys are machines when they get on task. And they were tasked with gaining lost time. And they did.

In Varanasi teams had to find something called a Tonga Stand. I had no clue how they were supposed to find this. But, find it they did. Kent & Vyxsin found the Tonga Stand clue first.


The streets of Varnasi had to be searched for 6 specific sadhus. A sadhus is, I think, a Hindu holy man. Each found sadhus handed the racer a part of phrase that had something to do with the meaning of life, and then find the 7th sadhus and read the phrase to him.

Ron had a particularly hard time finding the sadhus. Zev had a particularly hard time waiting for Justin to find the sadhus, because the loud noises were activating Zev's Asperger Syndrome.

Kent had found the 7th sadhus first. Then he teamed with Gary to find the other 6, telling Gary he knew where the 7th was. But, after following Gary to find the 6, Kent bolted and left Gary to find the 7th on his own. That Goth creep, Kent, bugs me bad.

Cowboy Cord arrived and went into high speed mode, quickly finding the sadhus and taking him and Jet out of last place.

Next it was on to a detour. Feed the Fire or Feed the Buffalo. Kent & Vyxsin, Gary & Mallory and Kisha & Jen fed the fire, while the Globetrotters, Jet & Cord, Zev & Justin, the Globetrotters and Ron & Christina fed the buffalo.

The fire feeding detour was amusing. Making mudpies out of cow dung, then sticking 50 of them on a wall, then setting some on fire to boil some milk. Jen & Kisha amused the locals with their sickened reaction to the malodorous manure.

Completing the detour got the clue to the Pitstop at Ramnagar Fort.

Kent & Vyxsin made the mistake of trying to get to the fort in a slow boat. When Vyxsin realized this was a mistake she panicked and jumped in the Ganges River to tow the boat back to shore.

In the end the Globetrotters went from last to first to the Pitsop, followed by Zev & Justin, Kisha & Jen, Gary & Mallory, Jet & Cord, Kent & Vyxsin, with Ron & Christina getting to the fort in last place, which got them eliminated.

Next week it appears the teams are leaving India and heading some place cold. It looks like it may be Russia.

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