Thursday, April 21, 2011

Survivor Redemption Island with Phillip's Crazy Pink Underpants

After watching this week's episode of Survivor Redemption Island I can't be the only viewer who has come to the conclusion that Phillip has some serious mental health issues and that it is borderline not right that he was cast on the show.

Pink underpants? Where does one buy pink underpants? And if you have pink underpants, why would any sane person wear them as outer wear.

Then there was the rice. Phillip stole a bunch of the Zapatera rice and put it in the Ometope rice container, where it got all maggoty. Phillip then goes ballastic when the Zapatera people won't let him put his rice in their container.

The rice ballasticness then denigrated to Phillip using the N-Word, directed at Steve. Phillip throwing out the race card made everyone uncomfortable, including Jeff Probst, at Tribal Council.

Rob won the Immunity Challenge. The Zapatera's made clear they were voting to get rid of Phillip. Several of Rob's cult members made noises about getting rid of Phillip. But in the end it was Julie who was sent to Redemption Island where Matt is having an emotional breakdown over the current course of God's plan for him.

Matt seems like a nice guy. But, all the praying wears on my nerves. And makes Matt seem really simple-minded.

But, it was God's will that Matt remain on Redemption Island, with Mike, after beating David at the 3 person duel, sending David to be the first member of the jury.

After Probst asked who the thief was, Julie fessed up to being the one who took Phillip's shorts. This after Phillip accused Steve of being the short thief, due to Phillip's superior detection skills due to his years as a Secret Agent.

The duels on Redemption Island now end with the loser going to the jury. At what point do the duels end with the last dueler going back in the game? If it is Matt that goes back in the game, I think it is God's will that he be the sole Survivor and win the million bucks.

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