Monday, April 25, 2011

The Amazing Race Eliminates The Cowboys With Zev & Justin First Again to the Pitstop

I don't like the U-Turn and Double U-Turn on The Amazing Race.

I don't like Detours that involving a difficult eating challenge on The Amazing Race.

I don't like it when someone helps another team by giving them the answer to a difficult challenge on The Amazing Race.

The most recent episode of The Amazing Race had all three elements that I don't like.

The Cowboys, Jet & Cord McCoy, were U-Turned by the Globetrotters, which eliminated the Cowboys by making them do the other half of the Detour, eating a big fondue pot full of cheese. The Cowboys had fallen behind due to Jet having trouble with the Roadblock.

The person doing the Roadblock had to ride a motorized bike called a Solex, using the bike's odometer to measure the length of Liechtenstein. Cord got lost and was way off with his first guess. Justin was the first to find a Liechtensteiner Olympic skier named Marco Buchel and tell him the correct distance of 22 kilometers.

Jen lost her map, then hooked up with Justin, who then told Jen the answer. Jet gave Marco a wrong answer, on his way back to the starting point Jet  passed Flight Time, who then accidented upon Kisha & Jen and Zev & Justin waiting for the bus to take them to the train to take them to Zermatt, Switzerland. The two teams in the lead gave Flight Time the 22 kilometer answer he needed.

Flight Time then ran into Gary and gave Gary the 22 kilometer answer. I don't remember how Vyxsin got the answer. She seemed quite lost.

I think it sort of ruins the whole premise of a challenge like a Roadblock where you are instructed to ride a bike and use the odometer to measure something and then get your answer via other means. Why not just stop locals and ask how long Liechtenstein is?

The Detours in Zermatt were the cheese eating or delivering 20 pieces of luggage to 5 different hotels. Only Zev & Justin chose to eat the cheese. Kisha & Jen quickly bailed on the cheese. When the Cowboys got U-Turned and headed back to the cheese, we really did not see them eat all the cheese. I suspect they were told to just go to the Pitstop.

Zermatt is the resort ski town at the base of the Matterhorn. Could they not have thought of something snow/mountain oriented rather than the lame cheese eating and luggage delivery?

That Kent & Vyxsin are still racing, with the Cowboys out, seems all sorts of wrong. The Cowboys always stay good-natured and level-headed no matter what was happening. Kent & Vyxsin crumble over and over again. It was pretty funny when whiney Kent was moving so slow after delivering all the luggage that Vyxsin put the whiner in the delivery cart and hauled him back to the ticket counter clue giver.

It seems that Vyxsin is the man in that strange relationship.

Last week Zev & Justin each got a 2012 Ford Focus for coming in First. This week they got a trip for two from Travelocity to Curacao in the Caribbean. With the Cowboys gone Zev & Justin are my favorite team.

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