Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hawaii Five-0 Ends Its First Season Murdering a Major Character

After I watched the premiere of the new version of Hawaii Five-0 I opined that I thought it was really bad. Silly plot, bad acting, corny humor, unbelievable characters.

Someone then commented I should give Hawaii Five-0 a chance to evolve. Or something like that.

Then AT & T U-Verse added video on demand, with CBS being the only one of the networks smart enough to put its lineup up for on demand viewing.

This has caused me to become a fan of several CBS shows I did not watch, previous to video on demand.

I now like Hawaii Five-0. It grew on me.

The Hawaiian scenery is a plus.

As the show moved forward it added continuing plot lines, like McGarrett trying to solve the mystery of his mom and dad's murder.

And recurring bad guy characters, just like the original Hawaii 5-0. Like Wo Fat. I think that's the name.

The relationship between McGarrett and Dano started to seem unforced. And at times even funny.

When the TV season started I sure would not have made a bet that Hawaii Five-0 would be the only Top 20 hit among the new shows. But it is.

The first season of Hawaii Five-0 ends, Monday, May 16, which a cliffhanger murder who done it.

One of the characters is going to be bumped off.

Hawaii Five-0's executive producer, Peter Lenkov, says the season ender cliff-hanger will be a "Holy crap! I-can't-believe-they-did-that whodunit!"

I'm guessing McGarrett or Dano. Murdering one of those two would get people talking. Or making viewers think there'd been a murder. Only to have a miraculous resurrection on the first episode of the second season.

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