Monday, April 11, 2011

A Disturbing Donald Trump Fires Mark McGrath Rather Than Gary Busey on The Celebrity Apprentice

When I last mentioned The Celebrity Apprentice I said I'd not watch the celebrity iteration of this show before.

I have now watched my last episode of The Celebrity Apprentice.

The challenge was to create a marketing gimmick for Australian Gold Lotion products.

As he has been in all 4 episodes I watched, Gary Busey was a cringe causing creep.

On the latest episode Gary Busey was at his most cringe causing creepiness.

In the Boardroom all of Gary Busey's teammates made it expressly clear how disruptive Gary Busey was to their team effort. The Australian Gold executives specifically told Trump that Busey bugged them.

So, who does Trump fire?

Mark McGrath.

Now, I did not get to see the firing because the Dallas NBC affiliate felt it was important to break in on the last 10 minutes of The Celebrity Apprentice to inform viewers, in graphic, exhaustive detail, that a tornado might touch down somewhere in North Texas.

Watching Mark McGrath it was quite obviously clear that he is a very smart, very well mannered, very socially appropriate, very articulate, very likeable guy. Did Trump fire McGrath because he has a tattoo? Trump seems a bit fixated on tattoos.

Watching Gary Busey it was quite obviously clear that this guy, despite what Trump thinks, is no genius. Gary Busey has some rather disturbing problems and really is not good Reality TV Fodder. Not even on something like Celebrity Re-hab. He is just disturbing.

I really think Donald Trump heeds to disabuse himself of the notion that he is U.S. presidential material. By "he" I mean Donald Trump, not Gary Busey. Well, actually, both need to disabuse themselves of any notion they are presidential material.

And what has gone wrong with NBC? The Celebrity Apprentice was the only show I was watching on NBC. Why is NBC so starved for material that they put on the air a two hour long bloated mess like The Celebrity Apprentice?

NBC used to be the home of Must See TV on Thursday nights, with Top 10 shows like Friends, Seinfeld and ER. And now, in 2011, NBC does not have a single TV show in the Nielsen's Top 20.

I must remember to cancel my DVR's scheduled recording of The Celebrity Apprentice.

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