Friday, April 8, 2011

Survivor Redemption Island: Matt Kicked Out of the Tribe Again

Well, Matt Elrod made Survivor history on the latest episode. Matt has a 66% getting kicked out of the tribe record, getting the boot in 2 of the 3 Tribal Councils he has been in.

Both tribes went to Redemption Island to watch Matt duel Sirita.

Matt won.

It was then new buffs and directions to a new camp. Rob's tribe wisely brought to Redemption Island all the goodies they'd won. Like a tarp.

In their new shelter the Zapatera tribe huddled unprotected from the rain, while Rob's Ometepe tribe stayed dry under their tarp.

Matt did some strategizing, wanted to make a BIG move, talked Andrea into moving with him. Then Matt talked to Rob and switched back. This left Andrea confused and annoyed. I think Matt also consulted with God. I really don't like it when people on a Reality TV Show act like they think God is a viewer with input.

Earlier, when they got to their new camp and were enjoying picnic goodies the subject of a new tribe name came up. Rob suggested Murlonio, saying it meant "From the sea, united." Everyone liked the name. Rob then told us that Murlonio means nothing, that "it's an inside joke between Amber and I."

Shouldn't that be "Amber and me?"

At the first individual immunity challenge Natalie won, after one by one the others faltered at balancing balls on a disk.

At the tribal council Phillip said the Zapatera people were like a parasite that should be avoided. Ralph played his hidden immunity idol for Mike, thus wasting it, while in the end Matt was sent back to Redemption Island with 6 votes for him, 5 for Grant and one for Steve. None for Ralph or Mike.

Back on Redemption Island Matt has yet one more chance to re-enter the game.

I really don't care for the Redemption Island gimmick.

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cd0103 said...

Television Without Pity has a phrase "God is in the tub".

He doesn't care if you win a reality show or not.

I don't know, I am kind of liking the drama of Redemption Island. It is better than some of their gimmicks.