Thursday, April 14, 2011

Survivor: Two Tribal Councils with Mike & David Sent to Redemption Island

This week's Survivor episode was a strange one. I was not paying attention to the clock. It seemed like an Immunity Challenge and Tribal Council came up real fast. I though, wow, this was one quick episode.

And then I saw a clock and realized there was still a half hour to go.

The episode ended up having 2 Immunity Challenges with 2 Tribal Councils. Mike, the Iraq war veteran was sent to Redemption Island first, followed by lawyer, David at the second Tribal Council.

We saw no duel on Redemption Island. There are now 3 duelers on the island. Matt seemed a bit perplexed to find himself back seeking redemption. But he did some praying to his God, with Matt knowing that God has a plan for Matt on Survivor, with Matt happily following the plan so he can bring glory to God.

Matt seems like a nice kid.

Phillip also found religion on this episode. A magic feather appeared out of thin air, leading to a meditation with his great-great grandfather, who was a full-blooded Cherokee. Great-great grandpa told Phillip his team would win and his life on Survivor would be long.

At the second Immunity Challenge, a hang over water til you fall challenge, players had the option of trying to win immunity or eat cheeseburgers and fries. Phillip and Steve opted for the burgers.

Rob was the first to fall in the water.

Rob is being particularly obnoxious in his latest time on Survivor. This time, so far, he has not come close to getting his comeuppance. Had a former Zapatera member won either Immunity Challenge it might have turned into a game changer.

Rob has his Ometepe people following his every order. At Tribal Council the Zapatera accurately described it as Rob running a cult. Rob does not allow any of his people to be alone. Zapatera people have no chance to sway anyone with any sort of plan. Rob does an excellent job of manipulating. But why does no one on his side not realize they need to get rid of him?

When they got back from the second Immunity Challenge Ralph discovered the fish net was full of fish. Rob declared the fish to be inedible and ordered his cult not to eat any. The Zapatera then had themselves a fish feast. Julie offered Grant some fish, with Grant deciding to have a bite, which had Rob ordering Grant to get away from the fish. Grant is about twice as big as Rob.

I want someone to beat Rob up. I don't know if that is allowed on Survivor.

If it weren't for Phillip and his peculiar brand of looniness, this would not be a very entertaining season of Survivor.

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