Monday, December 6, 2010

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kim's Girl Friend Tracy Appears

Kim Zolciak's tabloid chronicled dip into the Lady Pond, with a lady named Tracy Young, took place months and months ago.

While the current season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was being filmed.

That is Kim and her ex-girl friend, Tracy, at the races, on this week's episode.

A week or so ago Kim told Andy Cohen, on Watch What Happens Live, that she is no longer interested in any Lady Pond dipping. On that same episode of WWHL Kim denied being pregnant.

And then, the day after that, an article came out in Life & Style magazine in which Kim let it being known that she was happy to be pregnant, courtesy of Atlanta Falcons Quarterback, Kroy Biermann.

So, on the most recent episode of RHOA, Tracy Young shows up. We first meet her on the phone, telling Kim she is coming to Atlanta to support Kim when she goes in for voice coach lessons.

Later Kim brings Tracy to a drag race between Sheree and Kandi. The other housewives were surprised to see Tracy. They'd been reading all about the torrid affair in the tabloids, but had not met Kim's girl friend.

Kim did not like the other housewives talking to Tracy. Which perplexed the other housewives. Why bring her here if you don't want us to talk to her? Then in the drag race Kim ended up in Kandi's car, with Tracy in Sheree's

It was all very odd.

But not as odd as Sheree's acting career. Now openly admitting she is desperate for money, Sheree did not like the idea of working in a play for free. And then Sheree had to go before a group of agents so they could check out her acting talents. When asked what acting experience she had, Sheree said she'd been in 2 plays. Asked to name the plays, Sheree could think of the name of only one.  Trying to think of the name of the other play resulted in about a minute of awkward silence.

What became of She by Sheree? Did her line of fashion go nowhere? Sheree seems to think all she has to do is say she is something and automatically it happens. What's next? Supermodel? Run for Governor? Manage a McDonald's?

The car Sheree raced Kandi in was the Aston Martin that she leased, which later got re-possessed.

We got to see another weird Phaedra photo shoot. This one with the new baby. Who proceeded to do some projectile pooping on Phaedra. Not exactly highbrow television.

NeNe's house seems empty of furniture except for a bed.

I don't like Cynthia's fiance, Peter. Apparently his restaurant is in trouble. Peter did not like Cynthia spending so much time talking to NeNe. NeNe later got on Peter's case, on the phone, to Cynthia's regret. In the previews we saw Cynthia smooth it over with NeNe.

I like Cynthia. She is the best-looking of the housewives. And seems to be the most sensible. So, what is she doing with that elderly Peter guy? It's not like she is after his money. I suspect she has more of that than he does.

Kim's singing actually seemed to improve, somewhat, with the coach's help. Seeing Kim nervous about facing that coach again was amusing. As was Kim speculating that the coach might treat her with more respect, now that Kim has that multi-platinum Tardy for the Party mega-hit to her credit.

I don't think The Ring Don't Mean a Thing is going to be another mega-hit for Kim.

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