Thursday, December 2, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: NaOnka & Kelly B Quit While Holly Turns Heroic

Wednesday's episode 11 of Survivor Nicaragua was one of the strangest episodes ever, in all 21 Survivor seasons. At least in my opinion.

On this week's episode, no one was voted out of the tribe.

Instead, NaOnka Mixon and Kelly Shinn (aka Kelly B), opted to kick themselves out of the tribe.

But not before NaOnka went on one last reward.

The Reward Challenge was a team effort. Untying a big Gulliver dummy, then navigating Gulliver through a maze. With the winners taken to Survivor Cinema for a sneak preview of Gulliver's Travels, along with hot dogs, nachos, popcorn and candy. Holly said she really wanted some hot dogs.

The winning team consisted of Chase, Benry, Holly and NaOnka. Dan sat out the challenge, due to an imbalance in numbers, but if he picked the right winners, he too got to go on the reward. And so he did.

After the winners won, NaOnka informed Jeff that she this was her last day. Probst asked if there were any other quitters. Kelly B raised her hand. Probst was aghast, pointing out they'd made it 28 days, with only 11 to go. That if they left they'd be one of those quitters no one remembers.

Probst then through in a twist. If one of the winners was willing to forego the reward they could bring back to camp a tarp and enough rice to last to the end. Holly volunteered.

Then Benry muttered to NaOnka that she should volunteer, that Holly needs to eat, that you are going to leave, let Holly eat. NaOnka ignored Benry. Then Holly gave NaOnka a piercing glare as she took the goods from Probst.

Commenting later, Holly opined that she'd lost whatever respect was left for NaOnka's character.

NaOnka did cement her status as one of the most disgusting people ever to be on Survivor.

One thing seemed odd to me. Probst gave the 2 quitters the afternoon, before Tribal Council, to reconsider quitting. Yet there was no Immunity Challenge. At least we were shown none. What would have happened had the two quitters decided not to quit? An Immunity Challenge the next day?

It is a bit aggravating that there are thousands upon thousands of Americans who try out for Survivor and get rejected. You apply knowing what you are getting yourself in for.

In her bio on the CBS Survivor website, Kelly B said her reason for being on Survivor was, "It is the opportunity of a lifetime. People dream to do things as great as this."

While NaOnka gave her reason for being on Survivor as, "Getting the experience of survival."

I guess NaOnka did not realize what TV show she was going to be on.

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cd0103 said...

I wonder if the two quitters were recruited rather than apply themselves. I read somewhere that this season had over 60% people who were recruited vs actively applying.