Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business with Some Surprising Returning Racers

At the end of last week's Amazing Race Phil told viewers to remain watching after tonight's finale for a special announcement.

I did as I was instructed.

It is what I feared. Another Amazing Race All Stars, only called The Amazing Race Unfinished Business.

We were shown a preview which showed us the returnees, several of whom were teams who were on the race that finished tonight.

Such as Brook & Claire, plus Greg & Mallory. And Kevin & Michael who have Unfinished Business due to suffering a big penalty and getting eliminated.

Plus a couple real surprising ones, like Chad & Stephanie, who supposedly are now married and expecting a baby, and Nick & Vicki.

Nick basically quit The Amazing Race we just watched. And now he's back on it?

From seasons previous to the one just completed, the Poker Pros are returning, as are the Harlem Globetrotters.

I like the girl Poker Pros, but the Globetrotters wore on my nerves after awhile.

Which reminds me, I forgot to mention Connor & Jonathan, from the just completed race, this pair being the annoying a cappella singers from Princeton, are returning with Unfinished Business.

Dallas & his mom, Toni, are back. Dallas had a romance with someone who's name I also forget. I do not know if she is back for Unfinished Business. Starr. Just remembered. Dallas & Starr had The Amazing Race's most torrid romance ever.

The Cowboys, Jet & Cord, are back. I liked them.

One of the sets of gay brothers is back, I can't remember which, if it is the team with both brothers gay or the team with one not gay.

Deaf Luke & Margie are back. Some viewers did not like this team. I did not mind them.

A Goth team from awhile back is back with Unfinished Business. Kynt & Vyxsin. They are from somewhere in the Midwest that did not yet get the memo that that whole Goth thing is a bit out-dated.

The Amazing Race Unfinished Business stars up Sunday, February 20. In High Definition for the first time.

If the way Phil looked tonight in the preview for Unfinished Business is indicative of what Hi-Def is going to do to the look of The Amazing Race. Well. Not good. Maybe I need to adjust my set.


Anonymous said...

Funny comments, D. I thought the next season is when "Team Queen D." as in you and the Queen were going to go for the top prize? Ain't that the reason for your hiking regiment?

Durango TV said...

Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, thank you for your interest in Team Queen D. The audition video has long been in the hands of the Amazing Race casting crew. We have gone through 2 casting interviews. A 3rd interview has yet to be scheduled, but I'm sure it will be. I think they liked the witty repartee between the Queen and I.