Monday, December 6, 2010

The Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 10: Nick & Vicki Eliminated

It was not much of a shock that Nick & Vicki got eliminated from The Amazing Race on Sunday. They had a 6 hour penalty and a Speed Bump to overcome.

I'm good with any of the remaining 3 teams winning the million dollars. No real villains in the bunch. 5 girls and 1 boy remaining. Nat & Kat, Brook & Claire and Jill & Thomas.

Jill & Thomas came in first to the Seoul Pit Stop. After Brook & Claire actually got to the Pit Stop first, but earned themselves a 30 minute penalty due to not following the instructions to take a subway or walk to the next destination. They took a taxi.

Jill & Thomas did not know Brook & Claire took a taxi, which greatly perplexed them as to how the Shopping Channel Hostesses got to the ice rink so fast.

I was not too thrilled with the Detours, finding the Clues and the Roadblock this episode. Teams had to get to the DMZ to find a clue on a bridge telling them to take a raft down a river to an army jeep which would deliver them to their next clue.

Which was a Roadblock. Hunt among a big group of army guys and gals doing some Taekwondo type martial arts exercise, finding a headband to match the one in your hand. After finding the right headband it was back to Seoul to a soccer stadium, to find a Detour.

All teams took the ice skating Detour. Actually I do not remember seeing Nick & Vicki ice skating.

After going a couple dozens times around the rink the next clue was to be found by an airplane statue, directing teams to the Pit Stop.

Jill & Thomas made it to Phil before Brook & Claire's penalty was up. Nat & Kat did not make it to Phil before the penalty was up, so the doctors came in 3rd.

The previews did not give a clue, at least to my eyes, where the final destination city is.

Phil did say to keep watching, after the winner wins, to hear a major announcement  concerning the next Amazing Race. Please don't let the major announcement be another Family Edition or All-Stars.

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