Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hell's Kitchen: Ramsay Sends Trevor & Jillian Home With Russell & Nona the Final Two

The current iteration of Hell's Kitchen has been the oddest I remember watching. Not one of the chefs really stood out as the competent ringer destined to make it to the end.

I don't remember seeing so many major cooking woes previous to this season of Hell's Kitchen.

I thought Jillian had it wrapped up to make it to the Final 2. Particularly after she won the fusion cooking challenge at the start of the episode.

It is rather telling, regarding how bad the chefs were, this time on Hell's Kitchen, that someone as incompetent as Trevor made it to the Final 4.

When Trevor became the first of the Final Four kicked out of Hell's Kitchen by Chef Ramsay, Gordon then proceeded to heap praise on Trevor. This made no sense to me, after what we'd just watched.

And then the first picked to be on of the Final 2 was Russell. In other seasons of Hell's Kitchen Russell would have been long gone. Or so it seems to me.

The biggest surprise of the night was Ramsay sending Jillian home, making it a Final 2 between Russell and Nona.

From the previews it appears that there will be a lot of yelling and swearing during the Finale. That's a surprise.

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Anonymous said...

Jillian deserved to win more then anyone else! check out all the episodes she never got blamed by Ramsay at all (maybe once for dropping the fish..) but she was far better then the others!