Thursday, December 16, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: Jane Kicked Out of the Tribe After Drowning the Fire

That is Jane you are looking at, on last night's last episode of Survivor before the finale, on Sunday,

Jane had just learned that her Final 4 alliance had betrayed her and that she was going to be kicked out of the tribe at that night's Tribal Council.

When Sash told Jane that everyone agreed that if they took Jane to the end she would win the million dollars. And thus she had to go.

At that point Jane's hand suddenly got all swollen and blurry.

Jane is a spooky looking gal. I like her. I suspect she'll be winning $100,000 as fan favorite. Either she or Fabio, if Fabio does not win the million.

This has been a very odd season of Survivor. It seemed to go by real fast. Sped up, somewhat, I suppose, by quitters. There really was not a lot of plotline this time, not a lot of good scheming, no good Hidden Immunity Idol drama, no really good blindsides.

But, a couple of very animated Tribal Councils that may have been the best in Survivor history.

Last night, to me, Jeff Probst seemed to cross a line from simply asking questions at Tribal Council to acting more like a coach. When Jane let loose her bit of vitriol, making clear she was the one chosen to go, Probst eventually said something, directed to Fabio and Dan, suggesting that since Chase and Sash have Immunity Idols and since Fabio won Immunity, why not take back control of the game by allying with Jane, with Fabio, Dan and Jane voting out Holly.

Actually, that would have ended in a 3/3 tie between Jane and Holly. With one of those tiebreaker deals. This had not occurred to me while watching last night.

In the end, all voted to vote out Jane. I guess they all drank the you can not possibly win against Jane for the million dollars Kool-aid.

I think my favorite part of last night's episode was Jane drowning the fire before she left.

I never like the family/friend visit episode of Survivor. These people have been gone less than two months, but they act like they've been in WWII fighting for 3 years and finally getting to see their mom again. Dan's son could not quit kissing him. Fabio was in tears. As was Holly. I don't remember who showed up for Sash. Was it Chase's mom? If so, he was probably crying.

I suppose it is the extreme stress of being stranded out in the middle of nowhere with all those TV cameras constantly watching you that makes the Survivors such emotional wrecks in such a short time.

I am not all that looking forward to Sunday's 3 hour finale. It doesn't matter to me who wins the million dollars.

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