Sunday, December 19, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: Fabio, Chase, Holly, Dan or Sash Win the Million Dollars

Tonight marks the end of the 21st iteration of Survivor, with Survivor Nicaragua coming to its predictably bloated 3 hour finale.

For me this has been the least enjoyable season of Survivor yet. Maybe it's worn out its welcome. Maybe Survivor needs to find some place new to survive other that a tropical beach. They all look the same after seeing so many.

Tonight it's down to Sash, Chase, Holly, Dan or Jud Fabio. I think we can eliminate Dan or Sash as possible winners. If Fabio makes it to the Final 3 I'm guessing he will win.

Survivor needs to do some re-imagining of how the bloated first 2 hours play out. It is too predictable. The first hour we'll have an Immunity Challenge where someone will be voted out of the tribe and on to the jury.

Then we will see the remaining 4, well, actually I won't, because my finger will be on the fast forward button, but those who don't hit that button will see the Final 4 laboriously pick up the torches of their fallen tribe mates, muttering solemn funeral dirges as we see flashbacks of those who died.

Then the Final 4 will burn the pile of torches before heading to their final Immunity Challenge. More often than not some sort of endurance challenge, with the last man or woman standing guaranteed to be one of the Final 3. Lately it has been a Final 3 on Survivor. Maybe tonight it will revert back to a Final 2. I doubt it.

The Final 3 or 2 will then make their case to the jury as to why they should win the million bucks.

Throughout these proceedings Jeff Probst will be very solemn, due to the seriousness of the serious jury proceedings. One be one the jury members get to ask questions of the Final 3 or 2. This seldom is as entertaining as one hopes it will be.

Maybe there will be some lingering Jane bitterness that will be amusing. Or maybe NaOnka will outdo herself with another big display of cluelessness.

There just was not much of a plot to this season of Survivor. No really good villains. No characters as ridiculous as Coach. NaOnka is a pretty good nutjob, but not really, for me, all that entertaining.

So, Fabio for the win if he makes it to the end. But, I really don't care who wins.

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