Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Hasselhoffs Premieres Tonight On A & E with Hoff the Record & Addiction

Did it not clue David Hasselhoff in to the fact that he is not very popular with American TV viewers when he was the first person booted on the most recent iteration of Dancing with the Stars?

On the radio today I heard ads for The Hasselhoffs premiering tonight on A & E. I thought I heard Hasselhoff on the ads saying no one would hire him.

I confirmed that when I watched an on-line ad for The Hasselhoffs and saw Hasselhoff trying various ideas, like going back on a soap opera. It appears his new job ends up being, in addition to this reality TV show, managing his daughters Taylor-Ann and Hayley in a singing group called Bella Vida.

I don't know why Hasselhoff does not just move to Germany. They like him in Germany.

The Hasselhoffs premieres tonight, December 5 with the premiere episode called "Hoff the Record," at 10/9C, followed by a second episode at 10:30/9:30C called "Addiction."

I assume "Addiction" refers to Hasselhoff's infamous problem with alcohol consumption.

I do not know which of the daughters, Taylor-Ann or Hayley was the one who filmed their dad, drunk on the floor of a Las Vegas hotel room, trying to eat a Burger King Whooper.

I don't know if this infamous video has anything to do with Hasselhoff's career woes. It certainly is not as bad as the video that destroyed Mel Gibson's career....