Friday, December 10, 2010

Top Chef All Stars: Jennifer Carroll Has Angry Emotional Outbursts & Packs Her Knives & Goes

It took me a week, but I eventually got my DVR to successfully record Top Chef All Stars.

Usually I am not a fan of Reality TV All Stars shows. Not Amazing Race All Stars, not Survivor All Stars, not Big Brother All Stars, especially not Big Brother All Stars.

I never watched Big Brother again after the disgusting non-All Star Mike Boogie Man won, with him only being on the show only because the #1 Big Brother All Star, Will Kirby, would not be on BB All Stars if his non-All Star BFF was not on.

I digress.

I've now watched the first 2 episodes of Top Chef All Stars and I believe this is the first time I am going to like a Reality TV Show All Star iteration.

Angelo Sosa won the first two Elimination Challenges. That sort of seems familiar to how the previous season of Top Chef started.

The second episode really delivered, what with a spectacular angry outburst directed at the judges by Jen Carroll.

I think she may have been sleep deprived.

A pop star with very bushy eyebrows, who little kids seemed to recognize, named Joe Jonas, had the chefs making midnight snacks for kids for the Quickfire Challenge. It had been planned, obviously, that Jonas could not decide between 2 top treats for the win. So, it was off to a New York City natural history museum where 100s of brats would decide who made the best junk food.

The two contenders, Spike and Tiffani, chose teams. who then whipped out the goodies. Tiffani's won. The kids really did not like Spike's at all.

Ready to go home and to bed the chefs were not happy to see Tom Collicchio arrive to tell them their Elimination Challenge had begun, that they were spending the night in the museum. And cooking breakfast for 100s of brats and their parents in the morning.

Due to winning the Quickfire, Tiffani got to pick if her team was T-Rex or Brontosaurus. With T-Rex being a meat eater and Brontosaurus a vegetation eater.

Tiffani picked T-Rex, making an erroneous assumption that T-Rex ate everything, not just meat.

Tiffani's team lost. Jen Carrol was the worst of the worst and she was not happy about it. She argued with what the Judges were telling her, talked back sarcastically, sort of called them stupid. And then after getting told to pack her knives and get the hell out of there, Jen left the Stew Room and as the door shut could be heard yelling and swearing.

Who to? The Judges? No one?

Jennifer Carroll had been a favorite on her season of Top Chef, making it to the Final Four where she flamed out. Something seemed real off about Jen Carroll, throughout the episode. Was she exhausted? PMS? A combo of causes?

I am guessing this was not the last we will see of talking back to the Judges on Top Chef this All Star Season.

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