Monday, December 13, 2010

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kim's Fat Reduction, Cynthia's Friend Contract, Sheree's Acting Debut, Phaedra's Baby Drama

Well, the most recent episode of RHOA started off slow, with way too much Sheree and Lawrence, the Hair Dresser singer wannabe, who likes high heels.

But then it sort of picked up.

Sheree had Kandi come over to help her read lines in the play Sheree had decided to do for free, after all, because it will help her in her quest to win a Best Actress Award.

We heard too much dialogue between Peter and Cynthia regarding the NeNe problem. I think Cynthia handles her Peter problem well.

At some point we saw that trouble making Dwight pop in on Phaedra. It did not take Dwight long to stir the pot by telling Phaedra that Cynthia had made terribly inappropriate remarks about her newborn, suggesting it to be an alien creature, likely without a full set of fingers and toes. It was actually Kim who made the remarks. And it was Phaedra who set herself up to have such remarks made when she waddled around looking like she was carrying quintuplets in her uterus, while claiming the baby was only 6 months, or was it 7, along.

Then Kim had some of the girls over for some fat removal via a laser machine called Zerona.

Last week I was appalled to learn of the Zerona Fat Reduction Machine and blogged about the Zerona laser process and another called Zetiq, which freezes the fat cells, on my DurangObestity Blog.

I was amazed when I saw Kim having a Zerona machine brought into her house so she could have the laser fat removal treatment. $3,000 for 6 treatments. NeNe, Cynthia and Sheree were not interested in joining Kim. They just watched and later made snarky comments, like Sheree saying she preferred the old-fashioned method of exercise and eating right.

While Kim ate pizza and fried chicken sticks while the laser did its magic.

While waiting for Kim to lose fat, Cynthia asked to talk to NeNe alone. She had a "Friendship Contract" she wanted NeNe to sign. I thought the contract to be sort of funny, but NeNe made a big deal about it being weird. Which of course she had to share with Kim, who, next week, it seems according to the previews, mentions the contract to Cynthia, which causes it all to blow up in some friendly drama.

All the "housewives" but Kandi and Kim showed up for Sheree's play debut. There was much yawning as it was a long long wait til Sheree appeared at the very end of the play to utter a few words. After the play Phaedra had her confrontation with Cynthia over the alien baby remarks, which Cynthia denied, to which Phaedra, the lawyer, said she would launch an immediate investigation to get to the bottom of this outrage.

From the previews it appears that Phaedra confronts Kim, some bickering ensues. Phaedra's convict husband is brought up, to which Phaedra drops the Big Poppa has gone bankrupt bombshell ,which had Kim looking like she was going to explode.

I forgot to mention. Before we got to the previews, Kim and NeNe went out for lunch, where possible post Greg mates for NeNe were discussed. Including Kim making some dipping into the girl pond suggestions, to which NeNe recoiled.  Then Kim recoiled when NeNe said she was thinking of dating a white guy. Within minutes of that, NeNe was on What What Happens Live. With Anderson Cooper. Who had a friend contract for NeNe, and whom either he, or Andy Cohen, pointed out to NeNe, was a white guy.

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