Thursday, December 2, 2010

In Hell's Kitchen No One Goes Home While Nona's Son and Russell's Girl Friend Show Up

In last week's Hell's Kitchen previews we saw Nona bawling and sobbing. I assumed due to getting in big trouble while cooking. Instead the bawling was due to seeing her baby boy.

I was a bit surprised that Nona had reproduced.

The episode began with Nona winning a cooking challenge, once more showing her palate was a bit more refined than the other chefs, with Nona able to most closely replicate a dish Chef Ramsay had prepared.

Nona won a set of cookware and a Beverly Hills spa visit. She chose Russell to join her, leaving Jillian and Trevor to do laundry and prep the kitchen.

Before dinner service, Chef Ramsay called Jillian up to his office, where he gave her a pep talk. That seemed a tad odd.

Dinner service started off well. Then Nona messed up Risotto, followed by Russell giving Ramsay raw scallops, which caused Ramsay's first ranting rage of the night.

After that, the chef's were doing well.

Until Trev had a problem on his meat station with his Beef Wellington. Ramsay calmly gave Trev a Beef Wellington lesson, to the astonishment of the others. Trev takes a time-out and then makes another mistake with the Wellingtons, causing Chef Ramsay to kick him out of the kitchen again.

Russell then had some more fish woes, got past them, after yet another lecture from Ramsay. Then almost at the end, Russell and Trevor start fighting and Nona messes up the Risotto again.

Desserts go out. Dinner service is over. Despite the problems, Ramsays says it was a good dinner service, not perfect, but good. And he says he is happy for the first time in a long time. Then he tells the chefs to go up to their dorm and pick 2 who deserve to go home.

Trevor was a unanimous pick. Russell also got picked. He lost his temper at the suggestion he should be up for getting the boot.

Back in front of Ramsay, Trevor informs him that it is he and Russell the team has decided is the worst. Ramsay then calls Russell forward.

And then a door opens with Russell's girlfriend and parental units, followed by the other chef's loved ones. Which in Jillian and Nona's case included reproductions. Sadly, Trevor had no girl friend. But a male friend and his sister showed up. I would have been really surprised had a Trever reproduction walked through the door.

All in all, it still seems impossible that one of these four remaining is going to get a quarter of a million bucks to run a top notch, new restaurant, called LA Market in downtown LA. What a mess that would likely be.

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