Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: NeNe's Pregnant & Going To Be A Grandma

A couple weeks ago we learned that after Kim Zolciak's Big Poppa went bankrupt Kim moved on to a new Sugar Daddy, well, Sugar Baby, 25 year old Atlanta Falcon Footballer Kroy Biermann.

On this week's Real Housewives of Atlanta episode Kim had not yet had her way with her Sugar Baby, verbalizing to the other Housewives her concern that Kroy might not measure up to her measurement requirements.

At some point in time after this week's RHOA episode Kim did have her way with her new Sugar Baby and managed to get a baby cooking in her oven.

Not long after we learned that Kim was in the Family Way we learned that NeNe Leakes' neer-do-well son Bryson got his girlfriend pregnant. Of course, NeNe flipped out upon hearing the incoming baby news. NeNe is insisting on a paternity test.

Bryson still lives at home, still does not have a steady job. Bryson is still seeing the Baby Mama.

So, poor ol' long suffering NeNe, worrying she was going to have another baby in the house, courtesy of Bryson, then learned that she also has a baby in the oven.

NeNe has not gotten divorced from Greg Leakes. According to gossiping insider sources, NeNe is 2 months pregnant. She believes the baby is Greg's. However, apparently NeNe followed Kim's example and did some baby-making activity with another NFL footballer by the name of Charles Grant.

I do not know if Bravo was in Real Housewives of Atlanta filming mode when all this baby drama was going on. I hope so.

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alexandria said...

Kim has been telling her friends that she is a "registered nurse." I did a license verification check on Kim with the State of GA, Secretary of State. Turns out, she was a nurse, but NOT a Registered Nurse (R.N.) She was a licensed practical nurse (L.P.N.), receiving her license in 1999, and letting it lapse in 2003. Big difference between a R.N. and L.P.N. (R.N. is a college degree program; L.P.N. is a certificate program.) Why lie about it when records can easily be verified these days? Her name is listed as Kimberleigh Marie Zolciak, with the address listed as 10486 Bent Tree View, Duluth, GA 30097, before she failed to renew her L.P.N. license.

There is something I like about Kim that I just can't put my finger on. I think that it's because she's bold and doesn't care about what people think about her and she is courageous enough to do what she wants to do, not what people expect her to do. She is definitely not shy! And, it's pretty dang brave for one white woman to be in a show with all black women. (I wonder why the ATL show is mostly black...) I live here, and the community has a diverse demographic, including white, black, and other ethnic backgrounds as well.

And bloggers, don't single out any one housewife as talking about another...they ALL gossip. Every show has some kind of drama of who said what about somebody...