Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Amazing Race: Nat & Kat Win, Brook & Claire 2nd

Well, for the first time in 17 seasons of The Amazing Race a female team won. And another female team came in second.

Which left Jill & Thomas in 3rd.

It was straight from Seoul to the Final Destination City. Los Angeles. Arriving in LA Nat & Kat made it to the Long Beach Port location first.

The task involved a bungee jump. Nat, with her well documented fear of heights, was not too happy, but she managed it.

Next it was a helicopter ride to a surprise location. The Rose Bowl. Where teams found a Roadblock. Nat & Kat got to the Rose Bowl first. Nat chose to be the one to decorate a Rose Bowl Parade float.

Thomas chose to do the Roadblock, which he quickly regretted. But he managed it well. Then Brook & Claire's helicopter touched down.

Completing the Roadblock the next clue was a 3 part puzzle clue which directed teams to Studio 7 at Quixote Studios. Which I've never heard of. It was very confusing.

The confusion was worst for Jill & Thomas. They could get no help from their cabbie, who would not let them use his phone. Or find an Internet connection. Thomas handled the stress quite well, and it was very stressful.

Nat & Kat made it to Studio 7 first where they had to identify the greeters at each Pit Stop before Bob Eubanks would give them their final clue. It being some mansion, the name of which I've already forgotten. I assume it was in the Beverly Hills.

Nat & Kat got the greeters and the Pit Stops all matched right and were heading to the Final Destination before Brook & Claire found the studio.

Of course the editing made it appear that Brook & Claire might have a chance. But it was no great surprise to see Nat & Kat make it to the mat for the final first place finish of this iteration of The Amazing Race.

This was actually, I think, the best ending, I can remember, to an Amazing Race.

I was a bit surprised at the details of the surprise announcement about the next Amazing Race. I'll blog about The Amazing Race Unfinished Business after I hit the publish button on this blogging.

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