Friday, July 9, 2010

Top Chef D.C.: Tall Skinny Angelo Flirts With Tamesha & Makes Sandwiches at Xie Xie in New York City

I had not noticed that Top Chef Cheftestant, Angelo Soso, was so tall and skinny. But, judging from the picture of him standing somewhere in, I think, New York City, that would appear to be the case.

Several Top Chef seasons ago there was a Cheftestant named CJ Jacobsen. CJ is 6 foot 8. CJ cooking looked uncomfortable. All that leaning over.

Some viewers, judging by what I've read, are not reacting well to what they perceive as Angelo being arrogant. But, I'm in aggreeance with those who think it's okay to act cocky when you back it up by doing well.

I thought Angelo showed his honest, fair, nature at the George Washington's Mount Vernon BBQ Picnic challenge, when he waxed poetic over Amanda's ribs. Telling the other chefs they were the best.

In the latest challenge, that being the Hilton menu challenge, Angelo was paired with Tamesha Warren. Tamesha is from Christ Church, Barbados, hence a charming accent.

Angelo also found his partner charming and went in flirting overdrive with Tamesha, which had Tamesha saying "It is not going to happen."

The Quickfire Challenge was baby food themed. During that challenge we learned that Angelo and others, among the chefs, had reproduced. Angelo has a little boy named Jacob. There was no mention made, by Angelo, of Jacob's baby mama.

Angelo owns an Asian themed sandwich restaurant called Xie Xie. Mandarin for "thank you". It opened in July of 2009.

Angelo hopes to open a chain of Asian sandwich shops. Currently, I believe Angelo has opened 2 Xie Xie's in New York City. One is located in the original Hell's Kitchen at 645a 9th Avenue. The other is a St. Marks Place
location at 32 Street Marks Place, between 2nd & 3rd Avenues.

I want to try Xie Xie's signature Cha Cha La Vong sandwich. Turmeric coated tilapia with cilantro, carmelized onions and dill.

I don't think Angelo is too happy being in New York City in summer, preferring to be back in his hometown of Durham, Connecticut. Angelo said, of New York in summer, "I think it's dreadful and stinks like a fish market."

I have not quite figured out who the top runners are yet, for this season's Top Chef. Angelo seems like he might be in the running. If he doesn't get distracted by too much flirting energy.

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