Friday, July 16, 2010

Bethenny Getting Married? With Bethenny's St. Barts Boob Baring

Last week we saw Bethenny Frankel marry Jason Hoppy on Bethenny's Getting Married? making Bethenny Mrs. Hoppy and the title of her show no longer making sense.

This week we saw Bethenny and Jason on their honeymoon on St. Barts.

I've heard the term "St. Barts" over and over again, not knowing much about it except for knowing it was somewhere in the Caribbean.

So, I had to look it up. Named after a French guy named Saint Bartholomew, the French usually shorten the name of the islands to Saint-Barth, while the Americans call it St. Barts. St. Barts is one of 4 territories in the Leeward Islands in the northeastern part of the Caribbean Sea that make up the French West Indies along with Saint Martin, Martinique and Guadeloupe. Apparently it is a popular playground for rich people. Which explains why I was unfamiliar with it.

Now, back to the show.

So, Bethenny and Jason arrive in St. Barts. A French lady leads them to their ultra-deluxe accommodations, complete with private pool and an in-house iguana.

Jason is quite thrilled at how private their place is, including the pool. Now, I'm thinking to myself, is there not a camera aimed at you?

Then Jason can't wait to go swimming. Jumps in the private pool. Bethenny soon follows. But not before she takes off her top to jump in the pool topless.

Now, Bravo politely slightly fuzzied Bethenny's boobies. Why? I do not know. To me that bit of censorship just makes the boobies look weird, you can still tell you are looking at naked boobies.

So, Bethenny jumps in the pool. Jason takes off his swimming suit, then Bethenny loses her bottom. Jason them remarks again about how private the place is, that it is so private they can make love in the pool.

Again, I'm thinking, is there not a camera aimed at them? Or two?

After an indeterminate amount of time was spent romping in the pool the pair gets out, naked, but we don't really see that. But, I'm sure the cameraman/men/woman/women/persons did.

So, with Jason we have gone from first meeting him when he was a bit offput at Bethenny baring it all for PETA to now Jason has become quite the free-spirited boy.

After the skinny-dipping they went to a beach. Jason windsurfed while Bethenny had an emotional crisis. Jason handled that well. Then it was off to a food foraging expedition. Then dinner, alone, out on an island in a pool. Seems like we'd just arrived at St. Barts and they were already talking about this being the end of their honeymoon, time to go back to the New York City rat race and we were only half way through the episode.

Well, I was a bit bored, so I decided I'd watch the second half later, if I remember.

Oh, I forgot to mention the reality TV first on this episode. We had drama over random iguana feces appearing on the floor of their luxury accommodations. Then there was a lot of hunting for the rogue iguana invader. And a lot of yelling at Jason over his iguana feces disposal method.

Did their deluxe luxury accommodations not come with a toilet, I could not help but wonder?

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