Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jake Pavelka Vienna Girardi Chris Harrison Bachelor Breakup Interview

I was too tired to watch The Bachelorette last night with its Jake & Vienna Breakup Special.

So, over lunch I fast forwarded through the truncated The Bachelorette episode that saw Ali dump Ty. Why? I don't know. I think I fast forwarded through that date.

I don't think this ends well for Ali.

By the time I got to the Vienna/Jake Smackdown I went out of fast forward mode and watched every uncomfortable second of Jake's embarrassing implosion.

Before I say anything else I have to say, I think Vienna came out the winner in the Smackdown.

I have never liked that Jake guy. Something just always seemed fake and off to me.

I doubt Jake has a clue about what he revealed about himself via the interview with Chris Harrison, but it was real clear this boy has some serious issues. Very controlling. Very overbearing. With an easily ignited temper.

Jake, over and over again, said that Vienna interrupting him was an example of her constantly undermining ways. Vienna's interruptions did not come off that way. To me it was more just a natural conversational argument mode. In the screencap you are seeing the moment when Jake lost his temper, lashing out angrily at Vienna, for interrupting. Vienna burst into tears and walked off the set.

That moment when Jake lost his temper, we all saw what Vienna had been putting up with. Vienna nailed Jake on his communication problems, his intimacy problems, his lying, his fame whoring and not being a pilot.

When Harrison asked Jake for examples of Vienna undermining him, well, Jake's examples revealed more of his domineering overbearingness. Apparently Vienna could not even make a suggestion as to how to arrange bedroom furniture without Jake taking it as more undermining.

Apparently all this underming, and what Jake called emasculation by Vienna, left him feeling no urge to be affectionate. Unless cameras were aimed at him.

Jake is so insecure. At one point the story of the GPS is told. Vienna asks where some building is located. Jake proceeds to tell Vienna something like it's a mile ahead, take a right and go another mile. Vienna then takes out the GPS and programs in the address. This sends Jake into what he feels is a justifiable rage, grabbing the GPS from Vienna and tossing it. He's the man. She should never question him.

Jake looked creepy during the Smackdown. Vienna looked vulnerable and sad. I felt sorry for her.

I'm appalled I enjoyed watching this.

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