Sunday, July 11, 2010

American Idol's Casey James the Next Bachelor?

A couple days ago I read somewhere that the host of The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Chris Harrison, thinks Cool, Texas bachelor, Casey James, would make a good choice for the next season of The Bachelor.

Supposedly Casey James makes his home, currently, in Fort Worth. Cool is a town a short distance west of Fort Worth.

Chris Harrison is a Texas native, from Dallas. The same town from whence Jake Pavelka hailed.

There are those who think maybe it is time to give North Texas a break from reality tv notoriety.

Particularly after the Jake Pavelka embarrassment, where Jake went from being seen as an aw shucks good ol' boy to now being seen as an overbearing, control freaking, nut job with an extreme case of Little Man Syndrome.

Casey James does not have Little Man Syndrome. He's tall. Casey James seems to be a nice guy, that's how he came across on American Idol. I think we saw enough of him to make a fairly accurate assessment. I don't think he is hiding an inner nutcase.

Of late The Bachelor/Bachelorette has become a bit of a legit hit. I think The Bachelorette came in #3 in last week's Nielsens. The Jake/Vienna interview debacle might have it at #1, maybe, in this week's Nielsens.

I'm assuming it's all the highly hyped drama that's turned this former snoozefest into entertainment. Awhile back it seems a lot more booze was added to the mix. Casey James has a couple booze related legal issues in his past, I think, so the bachelor booze should be no problem for him.

I've not read anything about Casey James' lovelife history, if there is some tragic backstory to be milked.

I think it'd be a good plan for The Bachelor to break the cycle of choosing the next bachelor from the pool of rejected bachelors. That is how they ended up with Jason Mesnik and Jake Pavelka. Then again, both those boys provided some pretty perverse television viewing.

Would American Idol and FOX let Casey James out of whatever contractual deal he has with them so that he could go on an ABC show and visit some Fantasy Suites?

I somehow doubt it.

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