Friday, July 2, 2010

Kathy Griffin's My Life on the D-List: Beauty Pageants & Love Affair with Levi Johnston

Last week's episode of Kathy Griffin's My Life on the D-List, where Kathy and her mom were judges in an Ontario, California little girl beauty pageant, had me laughing more than I can remember laughing since I don't know when.

The little girl beauty queens and their moms were just so totally absurd, particularly the infant beauty queens. And then Kathy's commentary added to the bad case of the giggles.

And then Kathy put on some pageant outfits. More hilarity, added to by her mom finding some of it embarrassing.

This week Kathy took Team Griffin up to Alaska, to Anchorage for a show and to Wasilla to hook up with her 19 year old loverboy, Bristol Palin's baby daddy, Levi Johnston.

Levi took Kathy to see the current Wasilla mayor, who refused to see her. But Kathy did get the mayor's copy of a Victoria's Secret catalog.

Then it was on to drop in on Sarah Palin, who was not home. So, Kathy left Sarah a note inviting Sarah and Todd to her show.

Levi then took Kathy ice fishing and snow mobiling. Kathy also got in some Iditarod type dog-sledding. Without Levi's help.

Kathy was a bit concerned that her Sarah Palin comic material might be offensive to Alaskans. Levi assured Kathy that there are plenty of Alaskans who are not Palin fans.

Levi and Kathy held a book signing at Borders. Kathy had the book. Levi was going to sign copies of the issue of Playgirl where he bared a lot of Levi. Borders would not let people buy a Playgirl and have it signed by Levi. But, a lot of boys and girls smuggled in a copy for Levi to sign.

Kathy had not seen Levi's Playgirl til she got to Alaska. Kathy looked at the pictures and said to Levi, "That is your bare ass there." Or something like that. To which Levi replied, "Don't act like you haven't seen it before."

Levi has a droll, slow sense of humor. I think he and Kathy make a great couple.

The episode ended with the show in Anchorage going well. Levi led Kathy on stage. Kathy then tested the Sarah waters, found them safe, and informed the audience that tonight Sarah is going down. I assume that means Sarah was about to provide a lot of comic fodder. But we didn't get to hear it.

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