Friday, July 2, 2010

The Bachelor's Jake Pavelka Vienna Girardi Breakup Wars

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi are being all kinds of nasty, all over the place, over this sad, tragic breakup of their storybook The Bachelor romance.

Vienna supposedly sold her version of their failed romance to the STAR tabloid for $90,000. Vienna allegedly told the STAR that Jake was not very affectionate. Only kissing her when cameras were in range. That they went months without being, uh, intimate.

With Jake giving various excuses to Vienna as to why he did not want to be "with her" in the Biblical sense.

Jake's first excuse was that he was fasting. I guess fasting might affect his performance ability. I know I'm not all that able when I'm really hungry.

The 2nd excuse was that Jake just did not feel like servicing Vienna. He was probably still getting his nutrient levels back up from all that fasting.

The 3rd excuse was that Jake wanted to wait til they were married. What? Huh? What were they doing in that Fantasy Suite on the show? I thought they lived together. Again. Huh?

Finally, Jake told Vienna that he could not bring himself to bring himself to her, because all their fighting just pushed him away. Vienna was at her wit's end, quoted as saying, "I was like, really -- which excuse is it? I literally have been living six months with this guy who won't be intimate with me!"

Jake claims he broke up with Vienna because all the fighting was making it difficult for him to get into character for his role on Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva, playing a character named Toby Davlin, with Jake actually saying, "One of the keys to acting is you have to get out of your head, They didn't hire me to be Jake, they hired me to play Toby Davlin. I can't be Jake and sell this character."

And so, Jake called Vienna to tell her he had to dump her to save his more important acting career. Vienna then wrote Jake a sad goodbye letter and supposedly stuck her $50,000 engagement ring in it.

Jake was on The Dish, whining to Mario Lopez about how Vienna had done him wrong, saying "There was a serious lack of respect in the relationship. when you're disrespected as a man, do you really want to go grab your woman, throw her on a bed and love on her?"

Apparently Jake had all sorts of reasons not to throw Vienna on a bed and love on her.

Frugal Jake was also not happy about Vienna running up a lot of charges on his credit cards. Plus, he also suspected Vienna of having an affair with an actor named Gregory Michael.

Supposedly things got heated between Jake and Vienna when they reunited for the first time to film their Bachelor Breakup Special, which airs July 5. Jake gets mad at one point, due to Vienna continually interrupting him. Internet rumors, denied by ABC, say that it got so heated Jake raised a fist to Vienna.

Raising a fist does not sound all that bad to me. All things considered.

The Bachelorette has been getting good ratings, #7 in the Nielsens last week. I suspect next Monday's smackdown between Jake and Vienna will do even better.

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