Friday, July 30, 2010

American Idol: Ellen DeGeneres Out with Jennifer Lopez Latest Possible Simon Cowell Replacement

Each day seems to have someone new being the Simon Cowell replacement on American Idol.

Yesterday the replacement was rumored to be Jessica Simpson. That seemed ridiculous. Before Jessica, Justin Timberlake was the supposed replacement. Timberlake made more sense than Simpson.

Today's rumored Simon Cowell replacement is Jennifer Lopez. Ms. Lopez has long had a reputation for being difficult, so maybe she'd be an entertaining judge.

Yesterday when I blogged about the bizarre Jessica Simpson rumor I mentioned that I thought Ellen DeGeneres had grown increasingly tiresome as last season's American Idol drug to its lackluster conclusion.

And now today the big American Idol news is that Ellen DeGeneres is out, having told the American Idol producers that she did not think she was a good fit for the show. I'd agree with that.

But Jennifer Lopez? Why don't the American Idol producers dangle the same big bucks they were giving to Simon Cowell in front of Harry Connick, Jr. and hope it entices him to replace Simon Cowell.

Supposedly Kara DioGuardi has not yet been signed for the coming season of American Idol. Good. Give her the boot too and bring back Paula Abdul.

Harry Connick, Jr., Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson might just be the mix that stops American Idol's ratings slide.

Then again, once a show Jumps the Shark and starts to slide, usually nothing reverses the inevitable slippage to eventual cancellation day.

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